Blue Whale game finds many takers in Lucknow; Counselling of kids on!

Blue Whale game finds many takers in Lucknow; Counselling of kids on!

Blue Whale, the life-threatening game that has taken many lives in India, has now spread to Lucknow too. So far, four new cases of children playing this deadly game have been reported to the Child Welfare Committee.

All of them belong to the 9-14 age group and come from well-off families. All these kids were luckily brought to notice in time and now are undergoing counseling. While all four children showed behavioral changes, two of them inflicted injuries on their hands, while playing the game.

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Children taking their lives, by playing a game sounds like a big worry and raises many questions. Who could ever think that a game could take lives?

If kids start playing such games and nobody around them gets a hint of what’s going on, only means that the parents/ family should give more time to them. Perhaps then things like these can be prevented. Because what has been common amongst the kids playing this deadly game is the fact that their parents were both working and the children had very few friends.

People around them were vigilant enough to notice them and inform the child line and the responsible committee. Awareness can be the solution to this growing problem, which has already taken many lives.

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