Bookmark the brand-new FashionTV Cafe in Lucknow for all your future hangout sessions

Bookmark the brand-new FashionTV Cafe in Lucknow for all your future hangout sessions

The spacious yet snug corner in Kisan Bazaar offers healthy and delicious food & beverages.

What if we tell you that Lucknow is gradually imbibing a beautiful café culture that revolves around good food, soothing vibes, and urbane ambience, and we're all a part of this evolution? Feels good, does it not? Well, there's a brand new addition to the fleet of hang-out places springing up in the city and we're all for it!

The newest FashionTV Café in Lucknow (the franchise of its international counterpart) is now open for every one who has a taste for all things great in life. Offering a luxurious experience at reasonable rates, the FTV Café stands for everything fresh and healthy. So, listen up, health enthusiasts, this spacious yet snug corner in Kisan Bazaar will especially fulfill your needs!

Fitness enthusiasts, listen up!

Since there's nothing frozen here, you'd find everything fresh at FTV Café. The food is also completely cooked in olive oil (not refined oil), making it a tad bit healthier, too.

Moreover, the juices here do not include sugar and ice. They are entirely natural with fruits coming straight out of the chiller. A proper standard operating procedure is also followed here, with customer satisfaction the cafe's top priority. The place doesn't aim at crowds but wants to provide consistent and A-quality service to the customers here. So, believe you us, when you're here, you're gonna feel special!

Refined F&B at FTV Café

A snazzy and plush place, the café surpasses expectations in its food sector, too, owing well to its skilled Head Chef Bipin. Dishes like Buddha Bowls, sandwiches, pizzas, healthy juices and smoothies define the whole posh experience.

We took a special liking to the heart-friendly mid-eastern dish called the Lebanese Bowl that was rich in veggies and protein (found in chicken kebabs, plant-based hummus and falafel). Additionally, the fusion of American and Indian flavours in the Chicken club sandwich tasted decadent. It contained grilled chicken chunks, lettuce leaves, with crispy potato wedges on the side. Even the delicious nachos here are home-made.

If you're a fan of salads, go for the heavenly Caesar salad that comes with fresh leaves, chicken chunks, cabbage, olives, home-made crouton, and more. This stand-alone dish arrives in in a proper portion and is, thus, filling.

The Power bowl, with French dressing, is also hale, with organic veggies like avocado, kale, spinach, organic sunflower seeds, quinoa, pita bread, makhane, chicken gravy, chickpeas, assorted capsicum, beans, broccoli, zucchini, rice, to ensure you have a healthy meal.

If you're a vegan, fret not. FTV also proffers vegan smoothies, made of high-quality coconut and almond milk and yogurt. Drinks like Blueberry mint, Nawabi Twist (which employs paan leaves), Green gorgeous and Cocoa Smoothie, are just some of the names that pop up when you talk of the best-sellers.

Spacious and swanky

Embellishing the up and coming Kisan bazaar's hang-out spot arena, FTV Café is unique in its capacity. It is not money oriented and you'd notice that in the quality of service and food when you're here.

There's also enough gap provided in the seating arrangement so that the person next to you doesn't involuntarily eavesdrop on your conversations. Privacy is important, you see! The place is divided into three areas - outer seating, inner, and the first floor will open soon for party reservations and can accommodate up to 40 people!

By the by, this trending place is also non-alcoholic in its approach, hence, providing you with the perfect (and modern) family place you did not know you needed! The ideal place to unwind, head to FTV Cafe with your gang today to experience a good time.

Location: A12 KISAN BAZAR, opposite CINEPOLIS MALL, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

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