Breaking stereotypes, THIS new filling station in Lucknow is run by women!

Breaking stereotypes, THIS new filling station in Lucknow is run by women!

The all-women squad at this filling station is doing Lucknow proud.

Amongst some avant-garde changes that keep coming to enlighten our lives as we progress as a nation towards feminism, here's a new development to contribute to the women empowerment movement.

Opening job oppurtunities for several house-wives from different parts of UP this time, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has set up a new fuel station in the city. For what is prominently considered to be a male domain, this filling station in Lucknow has a total of nine female employees on its staff currently. All the employees are properly trained in the field and operate the station entirely.

Boosting employment

In a bid to boost employment simultaneously, Indian Oil has also proferred jobs to several non-working women. And it is the first job for every staff member here who have been provided trainings by experts.

The Manager Aakanksha Mayank Goel, explained, "We provide complete training related the petrol pump, from public dealing to managing." The company plans on expanding the team in the future, she added.

In conversation with the employees

The team at Knocksense interacted with the ladies working here and here's what they had to say.

Varsha Srivastava, an employee who is a resident of Allahabad, expressed, "I am very happy to work at a petrol pump that is run completely by women. My husband is a driver and I decided to take up the job to create a better life for us."

Varsha emphasised on the hardships faced by women and why it, in turn, becomes important for them to stand on their own feet.

"I understand that, in today's era, it is very important for women to stand on their own feet. I want to tell all women to not be afraid of field work. It is not easy to stand and work all day long, meet and deal with all kinds of people but working with high intentions (in mind) makes it easier," she continued.

Heart-felt note

"After my husband had an accident, there was no one in the family who could earn and feed us. That is when I decided to work with courage. Going out and earning, while you have responsibilities of the house, is difficult but not impossible," another staff member, Tulsi Sonkar, shared.

Sonkar believes that one should always be driven to learn in life, especially young girls and women. All should be exposed to the outside world, in order to take care of their families when needed.

"I get to learn a lot by meeting so many people everyday at the petrol pump and it gives me satisfaction too. Now there is no such area left where women are not proving their worth," she added in a heart-felt conversation.

Not a norm

A resident of Barabanki who's working currently at the station, Rinki Singh, shared, "My husband has always inspired me to work for the future of our children. We believe that no matter how harsh life is, we have to work hard to make the future of our children bright."

Singh added that she's happy to work and earn at a job that was not considered to be a norm for women.

Knock knock

With efforts to boost women upliftment, such measures encourage more females to step out of their homes and take up more field jobs. The fact that working at a filling station for women is not a norm speaks volumes on how far the nation still has to go, in order to reach gender equality. However, we're happy that there's a start! And we're a part of the movement.

Breaking stereotypes, THIS new filling station in Lucknow is run by women!
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