Butter Story in Kapoorthala is Lucknow's newest hangout spot for a sweet retreat!

Butter Story in Kapoorthala is Lucknow's newest hangout spot for a sweet retreat!

Be it the oh-so-fancy aesthetics or the premium quality of your favourite delicacies, this all-new bakery in Lucknow sure is smooth like Butter!

If your go-to mantra in life is “The club isn’t the best place to find love so, a bakery is where I go”, this piece of good news is just for you! Blessing us with our favourite sugary treats and a taste like no other amid a dreamy set-up is Lucknow's newest bakery, Butter Story, now open in Kapoorthala. So, whether is it your dessert craving or your quest to find a new place to chill at, a trip to this oh-so-fancy bakery, will sort it all.

Smooth Like Butter!

Honestly, how do you associate with the word Butter? Soft, golden, addicting? Well, you're in luck for the Butter Story, much like its name, is all that and so much more! Washed in an awe-inspiring ambience, this pristine white bakery, lit up by in a honey-glow milieu is quite the sweet dream experience you must not miss. Just like its folks say, Butter Story is a Story of Happiness and if you're a die-hard sweetaholic, you might just be its protagonist!

To be fair, this is one of the few places in Lucknow that some may call a dessert parlour, for its whisking the most sinfully sweet plums in Lucknow, to hook each and all! This bakeshops, along with the Indiranagar branch has mastered the knack of baking the world 'butter' for you and it's got an expansive menu to satiate your sweet tooth in a jiffy!

Spoiling you for choices, like always, Butter Story has notched up its menu and service to bring you the best sweetmeats in town! From artisanal mithais, to fluffy cakes and mouth-melting pastries, you get it all here. And hold up, if you're more of a cookie person - this boutique shop has a whole exquisite range for you to choose from.

Cafe-cum-bakery-cum-everything you've ever wanted!

Just when you think that's all, Butter Story has something more to sizzle your appetite and foodie madness. Besides the soul-healing cup of hot chocolate, the Butter Kitchen also serves you the flavours of a typical cafe rave! So even if you're in the mood for creamy pasta, waffle pizzas or even garlic topped bruschettas, this is place is sure must visit for you.

Knock Knock

Be it a happy date with its sweet plums or a date with your sweetheart, Butter Story is your answer. Head out to their new Kapoorthala outlet now for the ultimate indulgence, the cutesy-cafe way. Rest assured, you'll always leave this place with a hearty fill and a sweet muffin top!


24 Chandralok Colony, Aliganj

A-1020, Shalimar Chauraha, A Block, Sector 4, Indira Nagar,

Timings: 8 AM to 10 PM

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