Capture moments & experiences together at The Portrait Room in Lucknow

Capture moments & experiences together at The Portrait Room in Lucknow

Get a trial photoshoot done at The Portrait Room for free, TPR free shutters are open to all KnockOFF members

In a world where photography is synonymous with glamorous shoots, perfect studio lighting and of course airbrushing, The Portrait Room in Lucknow is a portal into the parallel universe. As an ode to vintage art and retro aesthetics, TPR is a concept photography studio created rather simplistically, like a frame carved in history.

To define it, The Portrait Room is a cosy set-up, washed in a pool of natural lighting which may seem ordinary on the surface but as the camera snaps, there’s more than meets the eye (or should we say, the lens) here!

TPR - The self-discovery portrait studio

Set up in 2017, The Portrait Room of Shahnaama was launched as a project to capture human portraits. The idea was to create a comfortable studio space for any common person to get their photo clicked. Unlike a typical photoshoot, TPR is a self-discovery studio that unravels and then captures the real on the reel. To put it in other words, it is more of an experience than exposure - a tale that narrates who you are, rather than how you look.

An inviting place to all those who like getting clicked than papped, The Portrait Room is open to all with sessions that are extremely pocket friendly. You can also get clicked here through the ‘Trials’ programme, an offering extended to those who want to get a photoshoot done but maybe are not ready for it.

The budget studio is also gaining popularity among people for couple photoshoots, pre-wedding photoshoot, family portraits and even maternity shoots. The concept is kids and baby-friendly, which means that if not you, your little one can surely have their go at being a model, when here.

What’s The Portrait Room story 

Every photograph has a story and the creator of The Portrait Room, has one too! TPR was started to photograph the Indian woman, to give her the space and attention (albeit, a lens’) she deserves.

And while The Portrait Room has scaled in operations since then, the spirit remains the same! TPR offers a free portrait to all the ladies every year on Women’s Day and Mother’s Day. Talking about free portraits, TPR free shutters are open to all KnockOFF members too! All you need is a prior reservation and you are all set for a concept photoshoot.

Regular bookings at The Portrait Room begin at ₹2000 for a 30-minute session so do check it out:


Address: The House, 3/120 Vikas Nagar-Lucknow.

Contact information: +91 7318256105 , +91 9918631226

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