Bringing glory to the city, Cardiac Drug Study by Lucknow's SGPGIMS bags first prize!

Showing promising results for 75% of the cases, the study shall amp up treatment of rheumatic heart diseases.

Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow has often worked on research and studies that have been fruitful towards upgrading the medicine sector. Adding to these innovative projects, the Cardiology Department of the institute recently conducted a drug study to explore the possibility of providing efficient medical support to certain heart-related illnesses. This study has been successful in bringing glory to the institution by bagging the first prize of excellence in Cardiology from AV Gandhi Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions (SCAI).

Study to augment treatment available for rheumatic heart diseases

An authorised release by the institute read, "The study is likely to give a ray of hope to many patients afflicted with mitral valve disease and atrial fibrillation to achieve normal cardiac rhythm and lead to a good quality life."

Among the thesis reports submitted from different parts of the country, the analytical project presented by Dr. Anindya Ghosh from SGPGI's cardiology department was recognised as the best and was awarded the first prize. Another academician from the institute, who guided the project informed that the latest findings would be conducive towards bettering the facilities available for treating rheumatic heart diseases.

Speaking of the study, the professor said, "RHD usually leads to valve stenosis (narrowing) and regurgitation (leakage) with narrowing of the mitral valve (mitral stenosis or MS) being the commonest outcome of RHD. Nearly one-third of patients have irregular, chaotic heart rhythms called atrial fibrillation (AF). If uncontrolled, this can cause dislodgement of clots from inside the heart to vital organs of the body leading to stroke and limb gangrene, a condition called thromboembolism." He further added that the previously available drugs and medicines in this field usually led to a lot of side effects.

Optimistic outcomes observed in 75% of the cases

The professor also informed that the study attempted to explore the effects of the drug called Fecainide among 50 patients. While this drug was used to treat certain other ailments, it was never implemented for the cure of people with rheumatic heart disease due to the possibility of cardiac malfunctioning. The recently conducted study gave promising results, with positive effects being observed in 75% of the cases. Additionally, the fact that the individuals in the study showed no significant side-effects was immensely encouraging.

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