CataPult in Lucknow celebrate its first foundation day with new CLAT & IPM batches

CataPult in Lucknow celebrate its first foundation day with new CLAT & IPM batches

CataPult has established itself as quite a famous coaching institute in Lucknow after delivering great results last year. This relatively new name, has created a buzz with their awe inspiring CAT results where a huge proportion of students scored over 99+ percentile in the examinations.

The secret, you ask. Each of the faculty takes the CAT examination and they score over 99 percentile as well. Well, we say kudos to that!

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This month on their foundation day, the peeps at CataPult have decided to extend boundaries and include the CLAT and IPM aspirants under their very shiny banner and provide them with counselling right after 12th.

The coaching will now offer the same offbeat approach to CLAT and IPM as they do for CAT aspirants, a dedicated group of faculty who are the best in their respective area of expertise, a focused curriculum which will make it easier for the students to deal with pressure and individualistic teaching methods. So that all the students who are aspiring to have successful careers in marketing, business and the likes, can find the training they need to crack the tough examinations.

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Not just that CataPult believes in brushing their students’ abilities with a fine tooth comb and making sure that they are ready to tackle any responsibility and shoulder any burden that might come their way.

Plus, CataPult will be offering free career counselling sessions that will ensure that you pick the right career and go in the direction that suits you the most. The counsellors are specifically trained to help students fresh out of school (12th), find their way with IPM and IIM.

The coaching hence, will not only help you find the right career for you after 12th, but will also make sure that you get the right guidance required to do so.

So if you have been on a lookout for the best coaching that will help you make your CLAT, CAT and IPM dreams come true, CataPult can be a great match for you. With small batch sizes and their record breaking CAT results of last year, they can prove to be the best option for you.

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