Catch the ultimate Bollywood Christmas Bash at Lucknow's Flying Saucer Cafe!

Catch the ultimate Bollywood Christmas Bash at Lucknow's Flying Saucer Cafe!

Make this night a perfect excuse to huddle with the squad!

One of the most preferred restobars of partygoers in Lucknow, The Flying Saucer has wooed us in on every happy occasion and even for Christmas, they're making sure to keep us hooked onto them. With two kick-ass performances scheduled on Christmas day, TFSC is turning up the festive quotient and we're absolutely ready to put on your dancing shoes this season!

Christmas has us feeling Santa-mental!

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It's the time of the year when we're all so excited to don our Christmassy apparels and head out for a drink or ten (who's keeping a count anyway?!) without a care in the world. TFSC has ALWAYSSS paid heed to our moods and whipped out options accordingly; so this time too, it ain't no surprise that they've looped in prominent artistes to keep our foot tappin'.

On the 25th of December, if you're coming over to grab lunch and a few drinks, then you better have a few hours in your pockets because 2 PM onwards, Felix Sebastian and Jitendra will be owning the stage. They'll be belting out rad tunes while you sip on your drinks and hog on the delish food here- sounds like a perfect Christmas noon plan, right?!

The Ultimate Bollywood Christmas Bash!

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To amp up your night, DJ Yogii will be at the console 8 PM onwards to host the ultimate Bollywood Christmas Bash so that your Friday quickly turns into Friyayyyy. His playlist is bound to awaken your inner Hrithik Roshan and Nora Fatehi on the dancefloor and when coupled with a few 'on the rocks', you're gonna be rocking the scenes like there's no tomorrow. Make this night a perfect excuse to huddle with the squad because the more the merrier.

So what we're saying is-

Start chalking out your plans already because Christmas ain't too far and The Flying Saucer Cafe sounds like one of the best places to be at to soak up on the Yuletide vibes. Indulge in a day/night of fun, dance and drinks with your pals and the lit partaaay scenes are gonna make you wanna stay a little longer and a little less sober.

Location: G.F 14-18, Rohtas Presidential Arcade, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: 096822 13888

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