Celebrate Holi the Lucknow Way: Your ultimate guide to festive shopping, delectable delights, & more

Celebrate Holi the Lucknow Way: Your ultimate guide to festive shopping, delectable delights, & more

Read on to know the complete Holi itinerary-

Holi transforms the city into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and lively festivities, presenting a multitude of experiences to treasure. While neighbouring religious centers like Varanasi, Mathura, and Vrindavan attract throngs of visitors, Lucknow offers a charming yet comparatively serene ambiance, exuding the same exuberance during the celebrations.

Whether you're a visitor or a local, here's a personalized guide to experiencing the magic of Holi in Lucknow:

Go shopping to colourful markets to score your festive attires

Picture yourself slipping into your new ethnic attire, like a dazzling Chikankari ensemble, after a day filled with Holi festivities. Ready to meet friends, neighbours, or relatives for a fun evening?

Explore Chikankari pieces in Chowk's Akbari Gate area, Gadbadjhala market in Aminabad, or Janpath Market in Hazratganj. For convenience, visit flagship stores like Jainco in Aliganj.

Shop Kolhapuri chappals and colourful juttis

Already have your Holi outfit? Elevate it with stylish Kolhapuri chappals or juttis! Find them at Nazirabad Market in Aminabad, offering a diverse range at reasonable prices. Plus, bargaining is welcome for even better deals!

This bustling hub boasts an impressive array of leather footwear, including a diverse range of Kolhapuris, catering to men, women and kids alike. What's more? The prices are incredibly reasonable, and there's often room for bargaining to snag an even better deal!

Grab delish Holi-exclusive sweets from signature shops

Well, no festival feels truly complete without indulging in some delicious mithais! And when it comes to celebrating Holi, the options are aplenty. Whether you're craving exclusive Holi specialties or classic favourites, these places have got you covered:

  • Mala Gillauri - Ram Aasrey, Hazratganj

  • Rasgulla, Rasma - Calcutta Sweets, Naka Hindola

  • Ghujiya - Madhurima Sweets, Gomti Nagar/Aminabad/Telibag

  • Sindhi Gheeyar, Sindhi Samose (Pragri) - Moti Mahal

Drink soul-gratifying, rich Thandai at Old Lucknow shops

If you're seeking an authentic and spirited Holi experience, look no further than heading to the vibrant Gole Darwaza area of Chowk. Here, during the festivities, you'll find yourself immersed in a lively celebration of colours, where locals gather to revel in the joy of music and hues.

Amidst all the Holi fun, it's the shops selling exclusive Thandai that truly steal the show! Indulge in a variety of flavour-rich, dry fruit Thandais that are sure to leave you yearning for more.

While the regular, aromatic Thandai is a popular choice, you can also opt for the Bhang-infused variant, although we don't actively promote its consumption; It's a tradition enjoyed by many during Holi.

And after sipping on a refreshing glass of Thandai, what better way to complete the experience than by trying some paan from the numerous shops dotted around the Gole Darwaza circle?

Attend hep Holi themed parties happening around the city

With numerous parties already underway across the city, there's something for everyone! Picture lush resorts and other trendy venues transformed into hubs of excitement, featuring a plethora of Holi games, activities, delectable food, refreshing drinks and much more. It's an invitation to immerse yourself in the festive spirit and create unforgettable memories.

You can find these parties and reserve your spot from several online websites!

Knock Knock

Last but not the least, as Holi festivities captivate the town, let's celebrate responsibly.

-Exercise caution on roads, especially due to potential miscreants.

-Opt for dry, herbal colors to avoid skin irritations.

-Avoid applying colors to animals and prioritize cleanliness.

And let's ensure a joyous and respectful celebration for all!

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