Centurion in Lucknow is releasing a Flying Buffet @499 and delivery only à la carte menu!

Centurion in Lucknow is releasing a Flying Buffet @499 and delivery only à la carte menu!

Lucknow’s biggest buffet, The Centurion has already become a favourite party destination. The buffet is as much a gift to the foodies, as it is to people looking to throw a big bash. We know their menu, we love everything they have to offer and we’re all for it. But The Centurion does not seem to slow down at all, the restaurant has now decided to introduce a Flying Buffet that starts at ₹499 and a whole new à la carte menu which is delivery only.

The Flying Buffet

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The Centurion is known for the huge variety of dishes they offer, with 7 different live stations and 4-8 starters and number of side dishes salads, a whole section of main course and a full dessert section. And obviously the expansive menu had also pushed their price a tiny bit on the more expensive end.

But with the new “Flying Buffet” which will be available exclusively for lunch on weekdays (Mon-Fri), patrons have the option to enjoy the luxuries of the buffet and pay way less than before. The new buffet menu is a smarter and more compact option.

Now when we say compact we mean the buffet like any other buffets will include a standard welcome drink, 4 kids of starters for vegetarians and extra 3 for the non-vegetarians. Plus three of the seven sections, including the pizzeria, the Oudhi counter and the Chaat Mahal, where you can get a pizza (veg and non-veg), Galouti Kebabs and Ulte Tawe ka Paratha, Pani Batashe and papdi Chaat, respectively.

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Centurion desserts
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Centurion thandai

Not just that, you will also get an accoutrement of salads, four different varieties of raita, soup, a live pasta counter, chilli garlic noodles and the main course. The main course alone comprises of ten different types of dishes.

Believe me, it does not end here, along with all of this, you also get the option to round up your meal with four different kinds of ice cream, chena rasgulla, gulab jamun, five kinds of cheesecake an assortment of pastries, cupcakes, fresh fruit, fruit custard, chocolate fudge brownies and refreshing thandai for the Awadhi purist.

The best part? You get all this at an astounding price of ₹499 for vegetarians and ₹549 for non-vegetarians and ₹349 for kids (5-10 years of age).

Flying Buffet: Monday-Friday | 12-3:30 PM

The delivery only à la carte options

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Ever heard a buffet going à la carte? Well The Centurion in Lucknow is!

The buffet restaurant is playing the delivery wild card and now you have the option to pick and choose from dishes such as mutton nihari gosht and lacchha paratha, soya chaap and lacchha Paratha, butter chicken, Hakka noodles and manchurian, car salad cobbs salad, gaouti kebab, Centurion boi kebab, honey chili sesame chicken, murg changezi, chicken/paneer tikka masala, arrabiata/alfredo pasta and dessert selections like apple pie, chocolate brownie, lab jamun and phirni.

AND the delivery menu starts at just ₹126 bucks!


So what are you waiting for head to the Flying buffet now or just order in if you feel a little lazy.

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