Challenge your appetite with the exclusive Beery Burger Challenge at Lucknow's The Beer Cafe

Channel your inner Joey and join the Beery Burger Challenge!

All of us have that one friend who is the official food hogger of the group and no matter what is put on the table, its all swept clean within minutes of other people giving up; sometimes, we are that friend. Thus, when food and drink challenges are thrown at us, we like to take it by the horns and finish off in style of course! So honouring this enthu of all the foodies out there, for the first time everrr, The Beer Cafe has introduced a Beery Burger Challenge which requires us to channel our inner Joey Tribbiani and we've got the deets covered for ya'.

Put your love for beers & burgers to test

The Beer Cafe's Beery Burger Challenge is calling out to all the foodies in town who think that they can work up enough appetite to wolf down 2 double patty burgers with sides and a 500ml draught beer, within 15 minutes. If you can nail the challenge, this exclusive meal will of course be free, you'll get featured on their social media accounts and your name will go up on their Wall of Fame. Sounds exciting, right?! But do remember, this challenge is to be taken up at your own risk.

If you're not successful in completing this dare, you've gotta shell out ₹999 and ₹899, for the meat-based and vegetarian options, respectively. Even if you don't indulge in this invitation, you can still relish the same picks at the same costs!

So what we're saying is-

The Beer Cafe is that one place where you can enthusiastically show your fervour for a good drink and you bet, they're gonna live up to your expectations. This unique challenge is the perfect excuse for you to huddle with the squad and before coming over, you've gotta book a slot for yourselves. For that, you can contact +91 7068178635 and let the good times brew!

The 1st train on the newly electrified Dhigawara-Bandikui section flagged off in Rajasthan

The electrification of trains will eliminate the dependence on diesel trains and will also help in reducing pollution.

The first train on the newly electrified Dhigawara-Bandikui section of North Western Railways was flagged off by the Railway Minister on Sunday. The route from Rewari to Ajmer has now been electrified and soon, the Delhi-Ajmer route via Jaipur will also have electrified trains. The electrification of trains will eliminate the dependence on diesel trains and subsequently, reduce pollution and dependency on imported fuel as well.

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Lucknow becomes the 1st city from North India to list its municipal corporation bonds on BSE

In a first for North India, Lucknow Municipal Corporation bonds to be listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister will visit Mumbai on December 2 to ring the bell at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) during the listing of the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) bonds. During the CM's visit, he will interact with prominent industrialists and Bollywood celebrities and invite them to invest in Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is the first city, from the north India region, to release the bond of its municipal corporation and soon the municipal corporations of Ghaziabad, Varanasi, Kanpur Nagar and Agra will follow suit. The Rs 200 crore-bond issue was floated just before Diwali and was oversubscribed by 4.5 times to raise Rs 450 crore.

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The cost for RT-PCR tests in private labs across Rajasthan has now been reduced to ₹800!

State slashes ₹400/- for COVID-19 tests at all ICMR-approved labs in Rajasthan.

The Rajasthan government has capped the cost of COVID-19 tests across private laboratories in the state to ₹800, bringing major relief to its residents. This decision that was given out on Saturday, also stated that Rajasthan is among the only two states in the nation which are testing people through the golden standards of the reliable RT-PCR method. The head of the state also urged people to get themselves tested if they suspect the development of any virus symptom, as delays in identification makes the disease fatal.

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With stringent SOPs in place, cinema halls, pools & gatherings can now resume in Goa

Goa lifts restrictive curbs, authorises SOP for civic safety.

In an order issued in Goa on Saturday, the authorities have permitted all cinema halls, swimming pools, gatherings for religious, social, cultural, educational, entertainment and sports events to resume, under the strict surveillance of a preventive standard operating procedure. The directive details that all swimming pools can operate for training and sports purposes, whereas, cinema halls and all other events in Goa will function at half the potential capacity of the venue.

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UP government to use ethanol to turn its sugarcane production into 'green gold'

The sugar industry here in UP employs about 6.50 lakh people directly and indirectly.

As a result of continuous efforts of the government, Uttar Pradesh has now become the highest (126.10 crore litres annually) ethanol supplying state in the country. Additionally, the UP government is steadily attempting to turn sugarcane into 'green gold' through ethanol and at the moment, an overall of 50 distilleries are manufacturing this stock. Just last year, two mills were producing this organic chemical compound from heavy molasses and this time, the number has increased to 20. Uttar Pradesh is the largest sugarcane producing state in the country and according to a government spokesman, out of the total sugar mills in India, 119 are here.

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