Challenge your bladder with The Drowning Street's unlimited beer offer in Lucknow, this weekend!

Challenge your bladder with The Drowning Street's unlimited beer offer in Lucknow, this weekend!

The Drowning Street in Lucknow has recently received their bar license and since then, there’s been no looking back! Everyone around is frolicking to this chill hub and the ritzy vibes here coupled with delish grubs has definitely been the talk of the town.

To amp up your upcoming weekend and to make your beer-belly shout TGIF outta excitement, The Drowning Street has brought in a Bladder Burst offer for all the beerholics here!

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Come & Say ‘Ale-o’

Here at The Drowning Street, you can avail a Bladder Burst deal on the 18th-19th of October where you can chug down unlimited Bira Boom at ₹649 only! Yasss, you read it right!

But here’s a catch!

Guzzle your ale, all you want but this ‘unlimited’ offer will become invalid the moment you take a pee-break! So when here, it’s gonna be all about superior bladder control and make sure to empty it out before you step in.

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For Your Palate!

When here, along with your daaru you’d need some chakhna to munch on, right?!

So you can go for their Nachos, Bhel, French Fries and the Crispy Corn too! The Pasta and Peri Peri Pizza is also a crowd-favourite but if you want to stick to your Awadhi roots, choose the Biryanis and the Tikkas! For the teetotallers, their Red Velvet Shake and the Mojito are the usual go-to options.

Knock Knock

Come over with your squad and share a few laughs and to keep things interesting, challenge them to a beer-drinking contest here! The one who pees first pays the bill! Sounds like a daunting dare, eh?! We’ve already sorted our weekend scenes and surely, we’re gonna be here at The Drowning Street because this is an offer we can’t and shouldn’t refuse!

When: 18th October, 12 pm onwards|19th October, till 4 pm

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