Savour the rich taste of Lucknow's famous laddoo & kulfi from Chanakya Laddoo in Bhootnath

Savour the rich taste of Lucknow's famous laddoo & kulfi from Chanakya Laddoo in Bhootnath

Head to Chanakya for the most authentic & traditional mithai for your loved ones

If we may quote your favourite superhero lingo - with great responsibility comes great power. And we can safely say that Chanakya Laddoos, a long-standing sweet-shop in Lucknow, has successfully fulfilled the huge responsibility of satisfying our sweet buds since the beginning of time!

We're proud of our Lucknowi roots and the traditional Chanakya is one of the marvels that bears testimony to the rich culture of the city.

While Chanakya Laddoo in Hazratganj is very popular amongst Lucknowites, not many people are aware that Bhoothnath market too houses a Chanakya Laddoo! And it offers the same taste and options as the outlet in Hazratganj.

A lesser-known gem of Bhootnath

Even though Indira Nagar's Chanakya is not a well-decked modern sweet shop, and has a very desi vibe to it, it is something that the localites are proud of! There is literally no deterioration in the quality of its sweets since its establishment in the 1990s.

Avoid the heavy traffic jams of Hazratganj to reach the other outlet, and instead visit Bhootnath's Chanakya for some delicious treats.

Taste like no other — Chanakya's heavenly laddoos & kulfis

If you're into environment-friendly, local-made goods, Chanakaya is the place for you! From their renowned kulfi to Chanakya laddoos, their mouth-watering sweets will leave you wanting for more.

Not only are the laddoos perfect for people who are fasting, or as popularly called 'vrat safe', their kulfis are freshly made through a whole process and we're gonna let you in some of the insider details today!

Kulfi-making process at Chanakya
Kulfi-making process at Chanakya

Chanakya kulfis are made by using special rice flour in the batter to thicken them (take notes, foodies, here are some secrets you're gonna treasure). Ingredients like condensed milk, obviously sugar (but just the right amount), kesar and dry fruits like cashews, pistachios are used in the preparation. With its rabri-like texture, the Chanakya kulfi has a taste like none other.

Chanakya is also known for its divine Gond ke laddoo, Sooji Laddoos and Malai Barfi. The laddoos, as not known by many, are completely nutritious and enveloped with rich dry fruits. The Malai barfi, popular amongst sweet lovers, is formed by solidified milk and khoya and a teeny tiny amount of cardamom.

Ruling our hearts since forever!

Chanakya holds a high reputation and regard amongst the city dwellers and, quite honestly, anyone who's ever tasted their products. The sweets shop has been in power since the 90s and we're sure they will continue to rule our hearts in times to come!

All this talk of kulfis and laddoos and barfis, we cannot think of anything else but to head to the iconic shop today and devour the sweets, can you!?

Location: Chanakya, Bhootnath market, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Chanakya, Parivartan Chowk, Hazratganj, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Qaisar Bagh, Lucknow

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