Check out these 10 gift boxes by The Hazelnut Factory, Lucknow, for a Happy Diwali

These 10 sweet boxes by The Hazelnut Factory, Lucknow, will make your Diwali happier

Known for its delicious sweets and freshly baked-to-perfection treats, Lucknow's The Hazelnut Factory has come to be exceedingly popular amidst citizens. Every festive season, THF comes up with its unique range of gift boxes, baskets and thalis, which capture the essence of the celebrations like no other.

They have actually brought in the trend of replacing basic mithais with fancy ones for gifting purposes and their twists to good ol' Indian sweets, has always managed to put a Cheshire cat grin on our faces. Even their dabbas, which have been craftily curated by the owner, Ankit Sahni , has us swooning and most of them, have landed up safely on our kitchen shelves- OH, THE BEAUTIES!

The owners of The Hazlenut Factory- Badal (left) & Ankit (right).

So this festive season, THF has yet again introduced a gamut of sweet boxes and more, which are the perfect gifting options- be it for corporate courtesies or a welcome present for house guests or vice versa. We've listed down 10 choices for you and there is something for everyone to choose from. The price range starts from ₹450 and goes up to ₹5,250, therefore, budget isn't an issue!

The Signature Laddoo Box  (25/16 pieces)

If there's an oncoming festival, laddoos are always our first pick and THF offers interesting variants of this good ol' delicacy! The Signature Laddoo Box consists of French Cranberry Laddoo, White Chocolate Kaju Laddoo, Mango Chocolate Kaju Laddoo and the epic Chocolate Hazelnut Kaju Laddoo. You've gotta shell out ₹1200 for this one and for the smaller variant, it will be ₹800!

Assorted Baklava Box  (25/16 pieces)

A middle-eastern sweet delicacy which has our hearts, THF's Assorted Baklava Box includes Baklava Turkish, Baklava Pouch, Baklava Ring and Baklava Square. Your pocket pinch for this one would be ₹1200 and for the smaller box, it will be ₹800.

Assorted Mewabites Box (25/16 pieces)

The Assorted Mewabites box is a symphony of decadent flavors, which makes for an ideal Diwali gift. Packed with Mewabite Pista, Mewabite Orange, Mewabite Mango and Mewabite Badam, this box comes for merely ₹950 and is an essential item in our fridge for sure. If you're going for the 16-piece box, you will have to pay up ₹650.

The Gourmet Box (25 pieces)

Priced at ₹950, The Gourmet Box comes with White Chocolate Kaju Laddoo, Mango Kaju Cake, Coconut Orange Laddoo, Orange Rose Delight and French Cranberry Laddoo. The delicious diversity in this box, has our attention!

Silver Kaju Mix Box (1kg)

The Silver Kaju Mix Box contains Kaju Kalash, THF Sandwich, Kaju Pista Roll, Kaju Laddoo and of course, our eternal favvv, Kaju Katli too. It is humbly marked at ₹950 and is suitable for just anyone who likes their sweets to be traditional.

Assorted Cookies Box (1kg)

You can never go wrong with an Assorted Cookies Box on a festive day! This one will cost you ₹675 and it has 4 types of cookies- Ajwain, Chocochip, Butter Almond and Mixed Dry Fruits.

Assorted Handmade Chocolates Box (25 pieces)

THF has also crafted chocolate boxes and we're eyeing all 3 of them! But if you want to specifically buy this Assorted Handmade Chocolates Box with 25 pieces in it, you've got shell out ₹800. There are other pocket-friendly options available as well.

The Small Wooden Box


If you're thinking of a classy gift box, give The Wooden Box a thought! It comes with White Chocolate Kaju Laddoos, French Cranberry Kaju Laddoos, Mango Chocolate Kaju Laddoos, an Almonds Jar and a Cashewnuts Jar. This one's marked at ₹2,500 and there are other box options too with different prices, to choose from!

The Extravaganza Basket

If you want to indulge in extravagance, this is it! The Extravaganza Basket is curated with 11 kinds of items- Dry fruit Kachori, Navratan Mixture, Butter Almond Cookies, Jeera Cookies, Cashewnut Jar, Almond Jar, Brewhouse Forestberry Ice tea, Pringles, Hillcart Honey Limon, Assorted Chocolate Laddoo Box and Waffy. This luxe basket will cost you ₹3350 and there are other budget basket options to pick from, as well.

Thaal I (1.1 kgs)

If you want to splurge this Diwali, Thaal I is what you can go for! They have 8 other thaal choices for you as well, starting from ₹1,800. Thaal I consists of Cashewnuts, Almonds, Pistachios and Raisins and it makes for the perfect gift for a luxurious indulgence and this is priced at ₹3,500.

Check out their entire list of offerings below and we're sure, THF will be making your Diwali so much happier and much more delish!

Diwali brochure 2020.pdf

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