'Chuna' shoot stalled in Lucknow after 5 crew members test COVID positive

'Chuna' shoot stalled in Lucknow after 5 crew members test COVID positive

The principal shoot was going on in the Mirzaganj area of Malihabad.

The COVID-19 infection has weaved its way onto the sets of Jimmy Shergil's upcoming web series 'Chuna'. Reportedly, 5 members of the team have tested coronavirus positive, which has arrested all activities of the principal shoot. The entire cast and crew of 'Chuna' are staying in Lucknow, while the shoot was going in the Mirzaganj area of Malihabad.

Crew ordained to quarantine in their hotels

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The District Magistrate ordained to stop the shooting of the 'Chuna' series with immediate effect when 5 of the 92-member team tested to be COVID positive. The Chief Medical Officer has also sent a letter to the Commissioner of Police, urging him to stall the shooting.

According to the information received, the production unit has been staying as different teams in different hotels across Lucknow, in line with the occupancy protocols. A group of 41 people are staying at SR Grand Charbagh, another of 19 people at Hotel Millennium Residency, Matiyari and 32 members are at Hotel Hilton in Gomti Nagar.

As per the CMO letter, the 5 COVID positive people were staying at SR Grand. As a precautionary measure, all crew members have been now been directed to remain in quarantine at their respective hotels.

The shooting of 'Chuna' began before the pandemic and has already faced several delays due to the infection spread. Helmeted under the directive supervision of Pushpendra Nath Misra, 'Chuna' narrates the tale of a group of people who unite against a common enemy, a corrupt politician. The Netflix series will also feature Aashim Gulati and Gyanendra Tripathi in pivotal roles.

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