Citizens in UP recently witnessed a trail of dotted lights in the sky, here's why!

Citizens in UP recently witnessed a trail of dotted lights in the sky, here's why!

Citizens from different cities in UP tweeted about a bizarre string of lights, here's what it was!

Citizens in many parts of UP took to Twitter on Monday to report the news of mysterious trail of dotted lights flashing in the sky. While some called it a UFO, others pointed it out as an 'act of god'. The sighting left people baffled, however, efuting all the theories and speculations, experts were soon able to conclude that the 'enigmatic lights' appearing in the sky were directed from a new batch of Starlink satellites.

On September 4, Sunday, a new batch of 51 Starlink satellites was launched by Elon Musk owned SpaceX. The internet satellites were responsible for emitting the so-called 'mysterious streak' of light and such appearances can even be tracked through a website.

Check out what the eye-witnesses had to say

The netizens took Twitter to post photos and videos of the occurrence along with their theories and speculations, which have created a lot of buzz across social media.

One of the user from Kanpur city posted a video stating, "A Mysterious Light Seen in the #Sky of #UttarPradesh, a Unique #Light Seen in the Sky of #Kanpur, Disappeared in a Few Minutes."

Another user said that the lights seemed like a train, travelling through the sky. Along with the picture he tweeted, "Today at 7:15 pm around I saw one mysterious object full of light like train is traveling in sky and light coming out from bogies windows."

The bewilderment was common among the twitteratis, some tried to post public polls whereas some tagged various astronomical agencies to seek answers regarding the sighting.

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