Roads, parks & green colonies to be at the centre of development projects across Lucknow!

Important projects for revamping the old and new areas of the city will be identified and included in the plan.

Envisioning a boost for the city's progress, Lucknow Development Authority will start working on the City Development Plan (CDP) from June 17. As per reports, the enhancement of road networks, amelioration of parks and open spaces and the establishment of residential green colonies will be prioritised in the forthcoming scheme. Additionally, important projects for revamping the old and new areas of the city will be identified and included in the plan.

Expected needs of the upcoming 30 years to be addressed

With the formulation of the latest City Development Plan, the authorities aim to achieve continuous development for the city across different facets of public life. Reportedly, the officials are trying to rope in an advisor architect to take over the responsibilities related to the project.

In order to craft a streamlined vision for Lucknow, the expected needs of the city in the upcoming 30 years and its current state will be figured. Based on the differences, a proper plan will be laid out where separate budgets will be allocated for varied projects to achieve the developmental goals.

While strengthening the road network through the missing link project, is one of the top priorities, the interventions will also be focused on other objectives. This includes assuring clean air and water and an efficient waste disposal system. Reportedly, a residential region equipped with all three facilities is called a Green Colony It has further been reported that this City Development Plan will be developed in congruence with Ayodhya's CDP.

Advisor Architect to prepare pre-feasibility reports for all projects

After the advisor architect prepares the plan, the Municipal Commissioner will hold a meeting with the top officials to decide upon the course of implementation. It is noteworthy that the pre-feasibility will be determined by the advisor architect only and he would also be able to suggest schemes. Reports state that officials from LDA, municipal corporation, irrigation department, PWD and other segments will spot projects which can be included in the CDP.

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