Lucknowites, enjoy up to 50% off on Closet's ENTIRE range of ethnic & fusion wear

Lucknowites, enjoy up to 50% off on Closet's ENTIRE range of ethnic & fusion wear

Closet in Mahanagar has a lot in store for you on the occasion of their 1st aniversary!

With Holi just around the corner and shaadi season in its full swing, we are always looking for a good affordable and chic ethnic piece that will just make us the centre of all conversations. Be it a wedding, a pooja ceremony or just a regular day, nothings beats the charm, grace and the simple wonder of an ethnic garment. So if you too are looking for a statement ethnic piece, we have some exciting news for you!

'Closet Our Designers Hub', Lucknow's only multi-designer fashion store cum cafe is turning one and on the occasion of their 1st anniversary, the good people are offering up to 50% OFF on their entire in store collection!

What's happening?

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Mahanagar's top multi-designer studio cum cafe, Closet has wooed the city with its unique idea and amazing designs from the get go. The designer store which brings indie and high-fashion brands from around the country under one roof will be turning 1 this 24th and have decided to go big on their birthday celebrations with a week-long flat 50% off on their entire range of products!

This news is an extremely welcome one, especially during the weddings and festive season where we not only have a ton of parties to attend but the inexplicable urge to look the best. The designer studio will be offering everything inside their store for half the price, which means you can buy designer footwear, bags, accessories, jewellery, sarees, kurtas, suits, lehenga and dresses for half the retailing price! How cool is that?

Brands to look forward to

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The multi designer studio has a plethora of brands with an extremely versatile collection yet there are a few we love a little more than the others. Go for The Peach Tree if you're looking for something crisp, formal and yet feminine, this brand from Kolkata is all about pastels, soft colours and office vibes. While if you're on the hunt for an intricately designed ethnic showstopper, the floor length party dresses with intricate handwork from the Jaipur brand Attire Inn or the in-house fusion specialists Nishpanna, will suit your needs the best.

For simplistic everyday wears and casual breezy fusion fits, the in-house brand Soni_Kudi will be your best bet whereas ARTISAN GLORY will take you straight to the remote villages of West Bengal with their handloom sarees and stoles. You can even find gorgeous drape dresses at Ashini Doshi, as well as amazing kids night suits, frocks & tunics at Aryahi's Creations.

Knock Knock

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With the festive season upon us, this offers comes just in time and the best part is, the sale will last the entire week which means you can drop in whenever you want and get your pick of amazing stuff. So what are you waiting for? Get the shopping bags out and go crazy!

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