Cluster vaccination plan slated to begin on July 1 in Lucknow, deferred till further notice!

Cluster vaccination plan slated to begin on July 1 in Lucknow, deferred till further notice!

It is expected that a new batch of doses will arrive in the city soon and the plans will be executed thereafter.

With an objective to propel the vaccination program in Lucknow, cluster vaccination drives were supposed to start from July 1. As per reports, the scheme has been postponed for now and the beneficiaries aged between 18 and 44 will be required to get online registrations and book their slots in order to procure the immunity booster jabs. Reportedly, the dearth of doses has the probable reason behind the deferral and it is expected that the plan will be implemented later.

A new batch of doses expected to arrive soon!

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Reportedly, the District Immunisation Officer apprised that the inventories have around 10 thousand and 30 thousand doses of Covaxin and Covishield currently. Further, reports state that nearly 25 to 28 thousand individuals are being vaccinated in Lucknow daily. It has been stated that a new batch of vaccine doses will be received in a day and the cluster vaccination drives may be executed thereafter.

Vaccination facilities being offered at private centres in the city too

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As per reports, the vaccination schedules were conducted at 20 government and 8 private hospitals in Lucknow on Wednesday, aiding thousands of beneficiaries. Additionally, the program was witnessed at 50 centres on Thursday, wherein a large number of facilities offered the Covishield jab while Covaxin doses were also available at a few spots.

Reportedly, citizens are encountering problems while registering on the online portal. It has been observed that individuals are not able to access all the links, which is hampering the process. Thus, it is important for the authorities to keep all these lags in check and streamline efforts assuring ease for all.

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