Combining traditional values and modern learning, Red Hill School continues to leap forward

Combining traditional values and modern learning, Red Hill School continues to leap forward

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Each day could be a new adventure for your child, a chapter brimming with wonder and curiosity, in the right atmosphere. A strong foundation can only be created at a place that binds together modern day learning and our cultural values. With a legacy of 40 years, Red Hill School in Lucknow has been working to do just that and ensure the holistic growth of their students.

Stitched around the philosophy of instilling love for learning and fostering boundless curiosity among young minds, Red Hill School is a verdant green learning space nestled in the heart of Lucknow.

Want to learn how they do it? Here's what you need to know-

4 decade long legacy of educational brilliance

Functioning under the patronage of Padma Bhushan Lt. Col. VR Mohan, the first Mayor of Lucknow, Red Hill School in Gokhale Marg, boasts a legacy of over 40 years. The school was founded by Mrs Rekha Mohan, the present Chairperson of the school with a vision to address the dearth of primary education options for children aged 1.5 to 13 years in the city.

The school has since evolved its curriculum to provide a modern educational experience that extends beyond traditional classrooms. Remarkably, numerous teachers and staff members have stayed committed to the school since its beginning, distinguishing it from newer educational institutions in Lucknow.

Modern curriculum and personalized attention for every child

The standout feature of their educational curriculum lies in their continuous efforts to evolve pedagogy to international standards while offering a personalized approach to each enrolled child.

Directors Viraj Mohan, B.Sc Kings College London and Shafuq Mohan, M.Eng University College London, personally oversee the adoption of learning techniques and resources akin to those used in leading primary institutes abroad.

The school is further spearheaded by Mrs Diksha Singh, M.A., B.Ed, Principal in charge and Ms Zehra Husain, Post Graduate, B.Ed, Headmistress who ensure a lively, mirthful and warm atmosphere at the school. Individual attention is prioritised for every child and maintained through a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:15 for pre-primary and primary levels, and 1:25 for middle school.

A sprawling green space with state-of-the-art infrastructure

At Red Hill School, you'll find top-notch facilities and a beautifully manicured lawn. It is unlike most of the primary schools of the city, as the classrooms are strategically placed on the periphery of the lawn, maximising the green space for the young children to play in.

Talking about the learning environment at Red Hill – Envision a group of eager youngsters huddled around a table, their faces lit up with excitement as they delve into immersive learning activities filled with DIY games, learning tools and toys, a colourful array of art supplies. The classrooms at Red Hill are loaded with education supplies and smart class systems, air conditioned to ensure complete comfort for children.

Other than this, their premises boasts an outdoor play area, swimming pool, activity rooms buzzing with creativity, high-tech smart class systems, reliable power backup, animal enclosures for a touch of nature, horse-riding and swings.

Dynamic educational pattern encompassing events and interactive pedagogy

The curriculum at Red Hill School is designed to spark interest through interactive pedagogy, emphasizing comprehensive growth and exposure. This approach includes engaging school outings and regular indoor activities.

In addition, the school regularly hosts a diverse range of cultural events, such as annual functions, art and craft exhibits, sports days, film screenings, and special celebrations like Grandparents' Day. Additionally, children actively participate in various festivals, fostering a sense of communal harmony from an early age.

Red Hill School: Now expanded to middle school levels

Recently, Red Hill School extended its offerings to include classes 6-8 at the middle school level. In addition to maintaining a strong academic focus for these classes, the older students actively engage in age-appropriate activities alongside their younger peers, serving as positive role models.

To further enhance confidence and oratory skills among the senior students, the school regularly conducts debating classes. These sessions enable students to delve into current events and engage in meaningful debates on important issues, fostering critical thinking and communication skills.

Pre-primary excellence and day care provision

Folks at Red Hill solely believe that for the parents, enrolling their child in the school isn't just about finding a place to drop them off for a few hours a day; it's about giving them the tools and the confidence they need to navigate the world around them with curiosity, courage and kindness.

Thus, the pre-primary and primary education at Red Hill is focused towards building foundational skills such as language development, basic math concepts, cognitive development and early literacy.

Besides this, their dedicated staff members and helpers are more than just caregivers; they are compassionate mentors and trusted confidants, committed to providing the highest level of care and support to each and every child in our care. With hearts overflowing with love and kindness, they create a sense of belonging and security that allows children to flourish and grow.

Prioritizing campus safety, enhanced focus on security measures

The entire campus of Red Hill School is outfitted with CCTV cameras, meticulously monitored to guarantee the safety of all students. Additionally, dedicated helpers are stationed at the primary, pre-primary levels, and daycare facilities to offer complete support to the young ones.

To bolster security measures, parents are issued ID cards, which are mandatory for accessing the school premises and attending to their wards.

Enroll your child during the offer period to get special fee waiver!

The Red Hill family firmly believes that quality education shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Along with offering top-notch facilities and amenities, the school management ensures that school fees remain reasonable, with easy payment plans available, making the cost of your child’s education easier to manage.

Additionally, on February 29, Red Hill School is hosting a Leap Day event, where you can avail of a special fee waiver when enrolling your child.

But don't just take our word for it - schedule a visit yourself and experience the brilliance of Red Hill School firsthand. Come and be part of something bigger. Join the Red Hill family!

Where: Red Hill School, Gokhale Marg, Lucknow

Contact: 7800044406

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