Considering an EV? Explore Elite Energy's range of electric two-wheelers in Lucknow

Considering an EV? Explore Elite Energy's range of electric two-wheelers in Lucknow

Wondering what's in it for you after purchasing an EV? Turns out, it's a bundle of benefits. Significant savings on fuel costs—check. Lower service and maintenance expenses—check. Convenience of charging them right at your home—check! Plus, there's the added satisfaction of contributing to a cleaner environment.

Well, all that and a big range of electronic two-wheelers awaits you at Elite Energy stores in Lucknow. Read on for more details:

Elite Energy: Lucknow's homegrown electric two-wheeler brand


Contributing to India's EV revolution, Elite Energy is an electric two-wheeler brand from Lucknow, which has launched highly modular and advanced scooter and motorbike models.

On a mission to revolutionize urban mobility, Elite Energy is dedicated to providing sustainable and highly efficient electric two-wheelers. The brand strives to make electric transport accessible to all segments of society, promoting sustainability and eco-friendly transportation. It offers customers super fuel-efficient alternatives while championing a greener future.

Electric two-wheeler models in different price options 


The brand provides tons of features in their scooter and bike models, at comparatively economical prices. Don't believe us? Head to the store and find out for yourself. Different models have been designed keeping in mind varied needs and the and price range is quite convincing.

Elite Energy Fusion: Classic low speed scooter

Fusion, Elite Energy's low-speed electric scooter is a model specially built to last. Despite its economical price point, this scooter maintains a high quality and, is packed with several intelligent features. With a max speed of 25 km/hr the scooter packs a 70 km range per charge. Some of its notable features are:

  • Hydraulic shock absorbers

  • Remote-controlled locking system

  • Heavy load-carrying capacity

  • Disc brake options

Cruiser, next-gen high speed scooter

With an edgy design tailored to appeal to the youthful riders, Elite Energy's Cruiser scooter is a high-speed model that packs a punch with its impressive torque.

The scooter offers a max speed of 70 km/hr and boasts a substantial range of 100 km per charge. Additionally, the Cruiser is available in four trendy colour options and features all the smart functionalities found in the Fusion e-scooter.

Pulse Racer: The perfect ride for motorheads

Elite Energy's bike range features powerful BLDC motors with a peak power of 5000 watts, allowing motorheads to experience the exhilarating thrill of pure racing with their high-speed electric bikes.

The Pulse Racer is designed in a sporty naked bike style, offering riders a streamlined, swift racing experience. This super e-vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 105 km/hr and boasts an impressive range of up to 140 km per charge.

Available in three striking color variations, the sporty finish and distinctive headlight design of the Pulse Racer are sure to captivate any bike enthusiast.

Elite Energy RZ 46: Pure sports, no compromises

The RZ 46 is all about making a statement with its striking looks. Featuring racing bike-style vinyl, a dual headlamp design, and a vibrant green color, riding this bike is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

What sets the RZ 46 apart is its sleek and eye-catching design, directly inspired by drag race bikes. Like the Pulse Racer, it boasts a maximum speed of 105 km/hr and an impressive range of up to 140 km per charge.

What's more, is that this one too packs a whole lot of smart features like the other two-wheelers from Elite Energy and has a max load carrying capacity of 140 kg.

Warranty of 3 years on all Elite Energy vehicles


Now, Elite Energy offers both economical and flagship EV models, each backed by a standard warranty of 3 years or 30,000 km (whichever comes first) on both the motor and battery. This commitment ensures safer and more reliable rides, helping you save on fuel costs and contribute to the environment in the long run.

If you're considering your options for your next electric two-wheeler, schedule a visit to Elite Energy's showroom today and take a test ride.

Where: Elite Energy, B-1/4, Vishesh Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: 0522 3577252, 9219047569


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