Construction of flyover by NHAI mandates traffic diversion on Chandrika Devi Marg in Lucknow

Construction of flyover by NHAI mandates traffic diversion on Chandrika Devi Marg in Lucknow

This traffic diversion will remain in effect till April 15, check the alternative route here:

In view of the construction of a new flyover connecting Sitapur Road to Mohan road in Lucknow, the National Highway Authority of India and the traffic department have announced a route diversion on the Chandrika Devi Marg. As per the notification issued by the authority, this diversion will remain in effect till April 15. Read on to know more about this traffic diversion in the Bakshi Ka Talab area in Lucknow.

Check the route diversion here:

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According to the NHAI project director NN Giri, most of the construction work for this flyover will be taken up during the night to ensure the safety of the commuters on this route. However, the route diversion has been set out for the public to ensure smooth vehicular flow on the Chandrika Devi Marg. NHAI will initiate the work of placing the girder on the pillar of the flyover from today, thereby necessitating this diversion.

In line with the diversion, vehicles coming from Sitapur Road towards Chandrika Devi Temple will have to take a left turn from the construction area to move ahead. Those who wish to go to the temple will have to travel 800 metres on the outer ring road near Pakariya, Hardaurpur and take a u-turn in front of the Shivkhar village to connect back on the Chandrika Devi Temple road.

Flyover to connect to Outer Ring Road

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Upon completion, this flyover will improve the connectivity in the city by merging up with the outer ring road. Notably, the 104-kilometre outer ring road is also under construction, at present. In addition to the flyover, a service lane will also be built on this route.

According to reports, after the completion of this flyover, an Integrated Traffic Management System will also be built between Sitapur Road and Faizabad Road. CCTV cameras will be installed on this route to ensure smooth vehicular flow and management of traffic on this route.

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