Cops in UP to get CPR training for providing timely aid during emergency situations

Cops in UP to get CPR training for providing timely aid during emergency situations

Around 500-1000 police officials will be given CPR training by medical experts

In a bid to provide timely aid to citizens during an emergency, the Lucknow police personnel will be trained to perform basic lifesaving techniques i.e., cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This initiative will help the police force to help residents of the city receive medical assistance during emergency situations. With the professional guidance and training by medical experts like the head of the cardiology department at the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), the police force will be able to help citizens before they are taken to the hospital in emergency situations.

CPR to assist in sudden medical emergencies

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The nodal head of this ‘rescue programme’ is the Joint Commissioner of Police, Piyush Mordia who will be responsible for smoothly getting the training executed. While talking to the media, he said, “Police personnel worldwide are trained for bystander resuscitation since they are best suited to provide immediate assistance in an emergency.”

Dr. Aditya Kapoor and Dr. SK Dwivedi, the heads of cardiology at SGPGI and King George Medical University (KGMU), respectively, together with the iCARE unit (Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation for Everyone), will be conducting the training for the police personnel in Lucknow. This initiative will help the police force to be knowledgeable about the basic first aid and on-spot medical procedures to treat patients who are a victim of a 'sudden cardiac arrest' (SCR). As per stats, about two million people in the country succumb to this medical condition because of a delay in treatment.

About 500-1000 personnel of police will get trained online

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Additionally, the DCP of all the police regions in Lucknow is supposed to provide a list of around 500-1000 personnel that will receive online training. The idea floated in the minds of Dr. Kapoor and Director General of Police (DGP) of Uttar Pradesh last month to provide CPR training to policemen across the state.

-With inputs from IANS

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