Coronavirus cases in Lucknow on the rise as people defy safety precautions!

Number of Coronavirus cases in the city crosses 1400 mark

After recording the highest single day jump in the number of coronavirus cases on Sunday, July 5th, UP's total has reached 28,636, out of which 1488 cases are from Lucknow. The city is currently witnessing the fastest growth in Covid-19 cases since the outbreak in March.

Why won't the curve flatten?

Cases as of March 31April 30May 31June 30July 06
LucknowVirtually none2063861,1381,488

Ever since the lockdown ended, strict precautions had been put in place in order to minimize the spread of coronavirus. These included instructions such as always wearing a mask outside, taking the required social distancing steps and what not.

In Lucknow, it is easy to see people breaking these rules. When outside, a major population of the city can be seen without a mask. People are openly spitting, crowding and putting the lives of others at risk along with their very own. It is almost as if people are not taking the threat as seriously as they should.

While some stores and shops have done their bit to ensure social distancing and are following other practices, the average person goes ahead and takes these rules for granted, which is invariably what leads to the spread of the virus.

A gradual growth to a massive boom of cases

Lucknow's battle with Coronavirus has been a long one. The situation right now is scarier than it was when we first learned about the pandemic. Initially people were wary about the virus and would take the precautions as mentioned, which is why the situation was under control. The rate at which the number of cases are growing each day in the city now, is clear indication that people must not even think of breaching the rules. As the numbers continue to rise, it's only important to avoid going out for the sake of it and follow the rules.

In fact, Lucknow is also at the leading front when it comes to treating coronavirus. However, even this is something that can only go on as long as people themselves are mindful of the ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

Knock Knock

While it may seem that there is no way to win this battle, the only way to do so is to take strict precautions. Wearing a mask and ensuring proper social distancing can go a long way in keeping you safe from this virus.

Lucknow's air quality turns 'hazardous', prolonged exposure may lead to respiratory diseases

Lucknow's air quality declines to 205 on Monday, forecasts suggest worse AQI in winters.

Lucknow's depreciating air quality poses a risk of respiratory diseases on prolonged exposure, among the residents. Analysts have projected a further decrease in this 'very unhealthy' AQI with the advent of the winter season in the city. With Lucknow recording its cleanest air quality this year in the March-April (lockdown), the colossal fall in the air quality has been pinned to the release of harmful emissions from automobiles and industries.

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COVID-19 in Mumbai: Fresh case tally falls for the 5th consecutive day, gyms reopen in the city

Maharashtra Government has laid down an SOP for ensuring maximum safety of customers at the gyms.

With the decline in the count of new COVID-19 cases in Mumbai, the active case tally has been arrested at nominal numbers, despite erratic recovery count. Mumbai added around 1,222 fresh infections to its caseload of 2,51,281 on Sunday, with 839 recoveries. Mumbai's Sunday active case count was restricted at 330 cases. As the city heads towards recovery, all gyms across the city unlock, with the imposition of a strict SOP devised by the state cabinet.

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Doubling drastically over 339 fresh COVID-19 cases, recoveries in Jaipur rise to 716 on Sunday!

Daily active cases count restricted at negative units for over 15 days in the city

A receded growth rate of coronavirus in Jaipur at 1.1%, has led to the lowering of new cases tally(339) in the city on Sunday. This total, though, stands short in comparison to the number of daily recoveries in the city. With a margin of negative 379 active cases and 794 recoveries in a single day, the Pink City is well on its way to stabilising the infection spread.

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Kanpur to improve town planning by solving the parking-traffic problem at popular markets places

KDA to establish parking lots in small plots under the Smart City Mission

The Kanpur Development Authority has come with a plan to establish an outlining roadmap in the city's popular market places to solve the rising issue of parking and consequent traffic jams, due to haphazard stationing of vehicles on the road itself. These lock-ins at market places lead to concentrated emission of fuel gases which in turn harm the customers and passer-by, creating problems in breathing.

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UP Govt to build Panchayat Bhavans, community toilets to reach Mission Shakti's Employment goal

Uttar Pradesh's homegrown campagin of Mission Shakti aspires to empower the women of the state

Concentrating on scaling up the rate of women employment in the state, the Uttar Pradesh government has planned to initiate the construction of Panchayat Bhavans and community toilets in all gram panchayats of Uttar Pradesh. These are being viewed as a means of empowering women, by generating positions of responsibility, fulfilling the intent of the domestic campaign of Mission Shakti in the state.

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