Coronavirus Lucknow news: Lockdown extended till Mar 27; new Covid-19 hospitals to be ready by weekend

Coronavirus Lucknow news: Lockdown extended till Mar 27; new Covid-19 hospitals to be ready by weekend

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on Tuesday announced that the lockdown will now be extended till March 27. The Chief Minister also announced a slew of measures to counter the spread of Coronavirus. He requested people to stay indoors and follow the instructions. Though shops selling essentials goods will remain opened, the Chief Minister warned people against hoarding of essentials goods.

He also stated that not more than two people will be allowed to purchase essentials from any shop at a given time.

Despite lockdown, traffic was spotted in Lucknow on Monday. In lieu of fear of community spread of Coronavirus, the officials on Monday evening decided to issue new guidelines for citizens.

According to new instructions, passes will be distributed to people associated with essential services. On two-wheelers, pillion rider will not be allowed while though two people can travel in a four-wheeler, the co-passenger is required to sit on the backseat.

51 Covid-19 hospitals to be setup in Uttar Pradesh

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The Uttar Pradesh Government on Monday decided to setup 51 hospitals to fight Covid-19 in Uttar Pradesh. The government aims to establish a Covid-19 hospital in 51 medical colleges with a total of 11,000 isolation beds. These hospitals with 4500 beds will be established by the weekend.

No new case in Lucknow

Till press time on Monday, no new case was reported from Lucknow city. All people who came in touch with Kanika Kapoor were tested negative and it seems that the lockdown is working effectively in Lucknow.

Prime Minister to address nation at 8PM

Prime Minister will address the nation at 8pm today. We expect new instructions to counter the spread of Coronavirus. His appeal on last Thursday for Janta Curfew was quite effective. This time too we may expect an appeal for Janta Curfew-II.

A message to all our readers

We at Knocksense believe that a pandemic is now also becoming an infodemic. Not all information is correct, verified and useful. Too much information may create panic thus we request you to not trust WhatsApp forwards and verify all news from WHO's website or from your trusted media houses before forwarding it to other people. In our endeavour to disburse authentic news, we will only publish information which is either verified by a government official or available on WHO's website.

In order to curb the spread of the virus, we request you to practice social distancing. Which is why it is important for people to stay indoors and not flock the medical and essential services shop. It is important to follow the lockdown and not head out for the next few days.

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