Coronavirus Lucknow Update: No new Covid-19 case reported in the city since March 20th!

Coronavirus Lucknow Update: No new Covid-19 case reported in the city since March 20th!

Please note: This news piece contains information we gathered till 1pm on 28th March.

We are all currently under a 3 week long lockdown. Being trapped inside our own homes with little to cheer us up, the mood across the nation is quite dreary. However, we have a piece of news that just might cheer your dull faces up. Lucknow has not seen any new Coronavirus case since 20th March.

On last Friday, 4 new Covid-19 positive cases were reported in Lucknow and since then no new coronavirus case has been reported in Lucknow.

What's the update?

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While we are all stuck inside our homes, waiting for the other shoe to drop, there are no new cases reported in the city in the last 7 days! On Friday, 20th March, 4 fresh coronavirus cases were reported in the city which included Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor. Since then no fresh reports have surfaced in the city.

This is a big news for the people of Lucknow, as the data suggests that the city has been able to successfully break the chain of spread of Covid-19. With most of the city under a lockdown, it might be possible for Lucknow to surface unscathed out of the pandemic which has claimed over 18,000 lives worldwide and 16 in the country so far.

On 27th March, 59 patients for tested for Covid-19 at KGMU in Lucknow and thankfully there is still no new positive case in Lucknow. We have attached the report below for reference-

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The government and the police in Lucknow are taking all necessary precaution to win the fight against the disease and this news comes as a testament to these efforts. However, since the Coronavirus showcases symptoms after a week or so of being contracted, it is still unclear how many new cases will surface in the city.

Knock Knock

To ensure that no new cases are further reported in the city, it is essential to practice social distancing, respect the lockdown and co-operate with the authorities. We hope this news cheers up the people of the city and steels our collective resolve to stay inside and be safe, because that is the only way to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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