Lucknow Coronavirus Update: 4059 test positive in Lucknow on Saturday, sharpest spike ever!

Lucknow Coronavirus Update: 4059 test positive in Lucknow on Saturday, sharpest spike ever!

Lucknow reported about 23 COVID-19 fatalities, the highest death toll since the outbreak of the virus last year.

The COVID-19 surge in Lucknow reached a new peak, about 4,059 people tested positive for the novel Coronavirus in just 24 hours, recording the sharpest single-day rise ever. As per official records, about 23 COVID-related fatalities were also reported here.

Infection ebbs due to Second Wave of COVID-19

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The rate of growth and transmission in Uttar Pradesh has grown over 2 folds in the past 5 days. The state health department reports highlight that on Friday, 9695 patients were found positive, while on April 5, 3999 new cases were reported. With this rapid spread, the state reported its highest-ever daily rise on Saturday, at 12,787 infections. At the same time, the number of active patients has also increased to 48,306 which was 22,820 a couple of days ago.

While the state has imposed night curfew strategically in districts reporting high caseload, including capital Lucknow, there is no respite from the active resurgence, due to the second wave of infection. Now, the state is pushing to increase the vigour of its vaccination drive to check the COVID-19 rise and develop immunity against the same. To further this, Uttar Pradesh will be observing 'Tika-Utsav' from April 11 to April 14 to vaccinate people over the age of 45 years, through 8000 centres across the state.

A message to all our readers:

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Please ensure you wear your maks properly while stepping outside your home. Maintain social distancing and frequently wash your hands or sanitise them to maximise personal caution. Keep your surroundings clean and hygienic and do not touch foreign surfaces in public places. We all need to cooperate with the state, district and health authorities against the pandemic threat. Do your bit and curb the infection.

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