No respite from the surge of COVID-19 infection in Lucknow; fresh cases rise yet again in the city

No respite from the surge of COVID-19 infection in Lucknow; fresh cases rise yet again in the city

Coronavirus infection graph inclines upwards in the city of Lucknow.

With an average infection growth rate of 1.4%, Lucknow reported 257 new cases of coronavirus on Friday. This tally has taken the total number of confirmed cases to 76,066, out of which around 3.8%, cumulating around 2,901 continue to burden over as active cases in the city. For the last two days, Lucknow has been reporting higher daily tallies of new COVID patients, which project the possibility of rising transmission of the viral infection among city dwellers.

Under the grip of coronavirus infection

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After recording healing trends for about a week, Lucknow's infection graph has witnessed a rising inclination for two days now. Since Thursday, the city has been recording over 200 cases each day after successfully arresting the count at sub-185, earlier this week. These rising number of infected hosts in the city are suggestive of rising case fatality ration. Targetted random sampling in the city has revealed that the positivity rate in the city has climbed over 2.5% in Lucknow, where medical staff and office goers contribute the maximum.

Besides this active rise in the number of fresh infection in Lucknow, the daily recovery count in the city is facing a slowdown. In the last two day, the number of fresh infections has exceeded the number of daily recoveries, which has led to a consequent rise of the active caseload in the city. Besides this, the capital is nursing the highest share of 2901 active cases, across all districts in Uttar Pradesh.

The case fatality ratio stands at 1.4% in the Lucknow, which implied that for every 100 confirmed cases in the city, one has succumbed to the virus. At present, Lucknow's total death toll due to viral infection stands at 1,073.

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