COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Lucknow, fostering hopes of a corona-free 2021

COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Lucknow, fostering hopes of a corona-free 2021

India recently granted 'emergency use' authorisation to two vaccines.

Ahead of the mass inoculation drive set to start off on the 16th of January in the country, the much-awaited COVID-19 vaccine has finally arrived in Lucknow. Guarded heavily by the Central Industrial Security Force upon arrival in the city from Pune, the stock of vaccine was received by the Health Minister of Uttar Pradesh at 4 PM on Tuesday.

UP wrapped up its third & final COVID-19 vaccine dry-run on January 11

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Further, in an effort to prepare Uttar Pradesh for a seamless immunisation drive, the state government conducted its third and final mock trial at 15,000 centres across the state on Monday. The Centre had directed all states across the country to conduct dry runs, following the state-customised road maps to identify and eliminate any bottle-necks or loop-holes in the system.

The process of inoculation, explained-

According to the drive layout, each vaccination centre will have 3 rooms, which will carry out the immunisation process. The beneficiaries will enter through the first room, where their ID and other personal details will be authenticated. After clearing this, the recipients will be sent to the second room, where the vaccine will be administered. The last room has been set up as a waiting area, where all the vaccine recipients will be spending approximately 30 minutes post the immunization.

Knock Knock

India recently granted 'emergency use' authorisation to two vaccines- Oxford's Covishield, manufactured by Serum Institute of India (SII) and Covaxin, formulated by Bharat Biotech. The country has been gearing up to conduct the largest domestic vaccination drive in the world and in the first phase of the process, frontline healthcare workers and elderly individuals will be a priority.

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