COVID orphans in UP get trauma-informed counselling for a better future

COVID orphans in UP get trauma-informed counselling for a better future

The counselling aims to provide support to affected children for a better future.

The Uttar Pradesh government has joined hands with UNICEF India and the Department of Women and Child Development (DWDC) to provide trauma-informed counselling to COVID orphans in UP. Over 300 counsellors have been specially trained for this purpose across 75 districts in the state.

According to the officials, the main aim of these counselling sessions is to provide mental health treatment to children who lost either or both their parents during the pandemic. During a survey in May 2022, it was noted that many children continue to face troubles, which is why such an initiative is needed.

What is trauma-informed counselling

In the Uttar Pradesh Mukhya Mantri Bal Sewa Yojana that was started in June last year, thousands of children were provided counselling, reportedly. The counsellors visited the children who needed help overcoming their trauma. Help was provided to over 11,000 affected children.

Talking about the program, Director of the Women and Child Development Department, Manoj Rai mentioned, "With the support of UNICEF and Mind Piper (mental health services provider), four counsellors from District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) and One Stop centres, were trained in each district to identify the trauma cases and help them overcome the grief and post-traumatic stress disorder. In total, over 300 counsellors were trained for the purpose across the 75 districts."

Providing assistance for a better future

In a bid to bring ease to the remaining cases now and add a positive change in their lives, a new counselling program has been kickstarted. As per the “There is a grave need now, more than ever, to stand with the affected children throughout their life so that they can lead a quality life and get over their plight.”

What is Trauma-informed counselling?

Trauma-informed counselling involves an experienced counsellor interacting with the person who needs mental health assistance, targeting their point of trauma, providing psychological first-aid in a way that heals with time and process, leaving no room for the person to fall back into that dark place.

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