COVID surveillance system to be used for fighting vector-borne diseases in UP

COVID surveillance system to be used for fighting vector-borne diseases in UP

The Uttar Pradesh health department has decided to track vector-borne diseases by contact tracing

Ahead of monsoons, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to set up a model-action plan to prevent the outbreak and spread of vector-borne or water-borne diseases. Under the scope of this initiative, the health department will deploy the COVID surveillance system to curb cases of malaria, dengue, chikungunya and others diseases in UP. Additional control and sanitation measures will be rolled out on a war-footing as well.

COVID tracing system for vector-disease control

Moving ahead with a proactive tracking and treatment system in Uttar Pradesh, the state health department has decided to not wait until the outbreak of vector-diseases. Instead, it plans to follow a contact tracing system, similar to that of COVID-19 cases.

According to Dr. Ramesh Chandra Pandey, Additional Director, each case of malaria, dengue or chikunguny will be notified to the health department, from across the state. After this, the department will deploy rapid response teams (RRTs) within 24 hours, to reach the patient's house and screen about 50 households in vicinity. Each positive case detected through this screening procedure will be updated on a CRS-pro portal, which will be monitored by a nodal officer.

Reportedly, the department has presently deployed 15 such nodal officers to call each case and verify if the RRTs have reached them.

The RRTs will also conduct public awareness campaigns in densely infected areas to eliminate vector-breeding spaces, boost personal hygiene along with other preventive and precautionary measures to stop disease-transmissions.

According to Dr. Vikas Singhal, Joint Director vector-borne diseases, the action plan will be reinforced intensely with the arrival of the monsoon in Uttar Pradesh.

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