COVID teams visit 3 crore houses in remote areas across Lucknow & other UP districts in 7 days!

COVID teams visit 3 crore houses in remote areas across Lucknow & other UP districts in 7 days!

COVID teams conduct door-to-door surveillance across UP, tests up to 2,57,845 samples in 1 week!

The Uttar Pradesh Government has adopted an aggressive door-to-door surveillance strategy to check the spread of coronavirus in rural and remote areas, across the territory. Special COVID teams have been tasked to progress the initiative and screen for infected patients in a systematic and thorough manner. As per reports, these teams have successfully visited over 3 crore houses in the state in just 7 days.

COVID-19 tracking, testing & treatment in rural UP

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COVID teams, deployed for infection tracking and testing across UP, are a clear indication of the state's attempt to control and nip the growth of the coronavirus terror. In absolute numbers, the dedicated teams have covered a total of 3,19,37,797 houses in different blocks of districts from May 5 to May 12, against the target of 3,30,69,010 houses for the period.

As per the orders, the surveillance teams will help the state increase pace of the COVID-19 vaccination drive and double the tracing, testing and treatment potential here. The door-to-door COVID squad has tested about 2,57,845 COVID samples in these blocks. Reportedly, these on-ground operations will support to maintain the decline of the test positivity ratio and positive cases in the state.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the few states in the country that is conducting tests on a war footing even in the remotest rural areas. Holistically, it has conducted as many as 4,39,06,533 tests since the outbreak of the virus last year. In the last 24 hours, around 17,745 cases were reported here pushing the state aggregate to 15,80,980 cases. UP nurses a 12.9% active ratio, where capital Lucknow accounts for the highest tally, 16,117, among other districts.

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