Craving a weekend getaway trip? Explore Pangot's wildlife, located 400 km from Lucknow

Craving a weekend getaway trip? Explore Pangot's wildlife, located 400 km from Lucknow

For a peaceful vacation visit Pangot located 400 km away from Lucknow

If you've been looking for a break from hustle culture and straining work life, this lesser-known place is perfect for a getaway trip like no other. Located 400 km from Lucknow, Pangot is a cool paradise for wildlife photographers!

Away from the hustling commercialism in Nainital, in Pangot you can still enjoy the same scenic weather, and breathe in the panoramic views. Enveloping various jungles and bird havens, Pangot is like a journey through a calm boulevard.

Keep aside the worries for a while and plan a peaceful getaway trip from Lucknow to this welcoming village of Uttarakhand!

A trip to the hills

Known for its beauty and traquillity, Pangot is located 15 kms from Nainital. All the seekers can opt from a number of options, from train to road, to reach the destination. Kathgodham or Haldwani are the nearest railway and bus stations, from where the remaining 50 kms can be covered via car or taxi.

The perfect time to visit Pangot is between October to June, to get away from the scorching heat of the city into the wild!

Places to explore here

From breathtaking places like Guano Hills, Dorothy's Seat (Tiffin Top) and the High Altitude Zoo to the numerous snow view points, Pangot has a plethora of beautiful places in its lap. If you like the idea of exploring through caves, including Panther cave, Tiger cave, Flying Fox Cave, Squirrel Cave, Bat Cave, and more dope spots like these, the majestic Eco Cave Gardens near Pangot is the place to visit!

Explore the wilds at Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary that has become a heaven for bird watchers.

Don't you worry about places to stay because Pangot offers a number of hotels, motels, homestays, zostels, and more. So, pack your bags and think no more! If you're craving a getaway trip, Pangot is just the place, in the hills, you should be heading to.

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