Cutesy & charming, artwork by these young female entrepreneurs from Lucknow will leave you in awe!
ArtByVarisha, Just Crochet, The Creative Bloc

Cutesy & charming, artwork by these young female entrepreneurs from Lucknow will leave you in awe!

Extend your support to these worthy small businesses created by young women in your city.

Colours floating by, cutesy embedded designs and creativity flowing like it's meant to — that's all you're going to see unfold here today. If you like aesthetic and hueful artwork, decor pieces that add a shine to your home/work spaces and little reminders of beauty and peace in the world, this is for you.

We've curated for you a few Lucknow-based homegrown brands created by young female artists-turned-entrepreneurs. Witness the magic these women weave, transforming a blank canvas into thoughtful and beaming art pieces!

The Creative Bloc by Rushali Srivastava

Flourishing for five years now, The Creative Bloc by Rushali Srivastava is known for sprucing up rooms with beautiful mini paintings and entrancing mandala pieces. If you're a pet owner, do check out the world of digital portraits by this homegrown label.

Handcrafted with nothing but love, talent and hard work, The Creative Bloc is here to complement your life with a pop of colour!

Just Crochet by Raveena Sachdev

From hueful hoops to charming woollen wear, this brand is crochet-ing its way to glory! Whether you like crochet earrings, handbags, woollen flowers or a fan of adorable crochet flower cardigans, pullovers, ponchos, socks and more, Just Crochet has it all.

Founded by Raveena Sachdev, the brand is perfect for buying winter layers from! Snag a wide range of garments and accessories here.

artbyvarisha by Varisha Waseem

Whether you're a bibliophile or a gift wizard, this cute brand is here to help! With a fleet of customisable bookmarks and adorable digital portraits, from fandom-inspired coasters to pretty phone covers, Art By Varisha is a rising label marked for success.

Created by Varisha Waseem, the brand makes sustainable items for gifting purposes, as showpieces and more. Follow the brand's gram and slide in its DMs to get yourself some zestful artwork.

Shireen Arts

For the devotees out there, Shireen Arts exhibits an exquisite range of frames displaying Arabic name calligraphy, written prayers, portraits, textured art, among others.

Order customisable art pieces, depicting impactful stories and historical allusions, with complete framework from the homegrown brand's page.

Artlivia by Priyanshi Masand

Showcasing an array of eye-catching photo frames, canvas paintings, keychains, hampers and more, Artlivia is a cutesy brand augmenting the entire gifting experience.

The label was started by Priyanshi Masand, a NIFT student, who also runs a neat Instagram handle. DM Artlivia for vibrant canvases, customisable to all sizes and in a varied price range, to add a midge of life to your personal spaces.

Cutesy & charming, artwork by these young female entrepreneurs from Lucknow will leave you in awe!
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