New in Lucknow: DANBRO by Mr. Brown is now open at Cyber Heights

New in Lucknow: DANBRO by Mr. Brown is now open at Cyber Heights

New place alert!

After winning our hearts with their premium offerings at affordable prices for years, one of the most loved bakeries in Lucknow, Mr. Brown has transitioned into the premium DANBRO, and we’re falling for its irresistible charms yet again. With its super delicious bakery items, cafe menu and an ambience that is sure to pull us all in, DANBRO is here to revamp Lucknow's cafe landscape and how! If you wanna indulge in its magical delights too, check out the all-new location at Cyber Heights in Vibhuti Khand, right away.

A cosy cafe for brunch dates & more!

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Whipping up a wondrous surprise for all the foodies, DANBRO by Mr. Brown is all set to woo you in with its premium offerings and that too in a super cosy setting with comfortable upholstered chairs and sofas to make you feel relaxed while you enjoy it all! This new and upgraded outlet is a bigger and better cafe version of Mr. Brown, with the same old charm.

In addition to the sugary delight and baked goodies, DANBRO is offering a gamut of food and beverage options! While we are a fan of their authentic Italian grubs, the sandwiches and salads served at DANBRO are also second to none. Another reason that puts this place in the favourite category, is its all-encompassing vibe. Since its inception the place has been a great choice for all occasions, whether it is for a birthday party, a coffee date with bae or an outing with fam, DANBRO's vibe fits it all and how!

Live baking & cake-making stations? Yes please!

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To cater to the contemporary palette of the city folks, DANBRO offers delectable delights that combine the authentic taste of Milan with a hint of Indian flavour. Apart from the yummilicious sweet treats, this bespoke bakery cum cafe has a lot more to offer now.

The lovers of cake and all things baked are in luck, for this upscale bakery has live cake making and baking stations. You can actually watch the patisserie chef make the cake from scratch, right in front of your eyes! If the thought of watching a cake come to life doesn't excite you, we really don't know what will! Watching gujiyas get baked?

Pre-mixes for the lazy bums!

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In an attempt to offer the best taste to people across the world, the good folks at DANBRO have come up with their special premixes as well. Making it easier for us noobs who don't know the ABC of cooking, these premixes are no less than our saviour! Whether it's a pizza that you crave or a sweet vanilla pastry, simply grab a premix from DANBRO and voila, you are all set to become the Masterchef of your house.

Knock Knock

Head out to the new DANBRO outlet at Cyber Heights in Gomti Nagar right away and witness this remarkable upgrade all by yourself. Check out the official application of DANBRO by Mr.Brown to know more about DANBRO and its offering. You can also place your order through this mobile application.

Location: Vibhuti Khand, Indira Nagar, Near LU, Aashiyana, Aliganj

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