This Holi, munch on Wafer Crust Gujiyas from DANBRO by Mr. Brown in Lucknow

This Holi, munch on Wafer Crust Gujiyas from DANBRO by Mr. Brown in Lucknow

Ye Holi, DANBRO wali!

Imagine it's 2007 and you have just stepped into the golden washed interiors of Mr.Brown, a few days ahead of Holi. You try the free samples of their roasted Gujiyas and you swear, it's the best you've ever had. Well, it's 2022 and if you still swear by those mouth-watering sweet treats, here's your chance to relive the nostalgia all over again. Gravitate to the revamped DANBRO by Mr. Brown and this time, get your hands on their wafer-crust Gujiyas for a Happy Holi!

Lucknow ka trust, DANBRO's wafer crust!

Known for introducing the flaky goodness of oil-free baked Gujiyas, Mr.Brown was the first in Lucknow to offer a healthier alternative to satiate our sugar cravings. And it's this same wonderful taste that greets you here, at the all-new and revamped DANBRO!

With a wholesome and rich filling wrapped in paper-thin flaky layers, the Wafer Crust Gujiyas at DANBRO by Mr.Brown melts in one's mouth, making it impossible to resist the urge to grab a second one. Basically, what we are trying to say is that it is not without any reason that DANBRO's Wafer Crust Gujiya is what Lucknow trusts!

After a successful run with the baked Gujiyas, the folks at DANBRO moved on to introduce Turkish delights like baklavas in Lucknow. In the same strive, they are now off to serve a whole new experience by presenting Live Baking and Live Cake Making at the new cafe-like outlet at Cyber Heights.

Premium Holi Hampers by DANBRO

If you wish to gift your loved ones something special, something elegant and luxurious, you can choose from a premium range of hampers by DANBRO. Whether you want to get a box of assorted baklavas, the classic mithais, dry fruits or the queen of Holi sweets- Gujiyas, DANBRO has got it all covered for you! While these lavish gift boxes look like a million-dollar each, they are available at various prices to fit everyone's budget.

Knock Knock

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With the evolution of Mr.Brown into the all-new DANBRO, things are only going to get bigger, better and a whole lot sweeter in Lucknow! So, what are you waiting for? Grab these lavish gift hampers by DANBRO for your loved ones and turn the festivities extra special this year. Also, do check out the new
outlet at
Cyber Heights,
if you haven't already!
  • Vibhuti Khand,
  • Indira Nagar,
  • Under University Metro Station
  • Aashiyana,
  • Aliganj

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