Dante Bar & Kitchen is the brand-new spot to unwind in Lucknow

Dante Bar & Kitchen is the brand-new spot to unwind in Lucknow

Here's what you need to know!

The embodiment of a classy, bluesy bar, Dante offers an upmarket experience, unlike any another in town. With a distinguished feel and an upmarket ambience, this is a one of a kind bar with soft electronic and hints of indie and jazz music playing ambiently. Such a vibe is hard to find in town, and we're glad we came across Dante Bar & Kitchen, right here in Lucknow.

A new bar in town!

Taking a step away from the jam-packed, DJ dominated spaces in Lucknow, this bar is a place where you come to breathe, and soak in conversations over a few drinks. Speaking of drinks, they have mega happy hours every day from 1 PM to 8 PM.

With plush seating, a simplistic, pastel colour scheme, Dante will neither be too loud nor too dull for you. It all comes across as easy going, smooth and comfortable.

Everything- from the lush sofas, to the classy ambience goes hand in hand with top notch service, making for pleasant dining experiences throughout the day.

This is a great place to come over to during the day or at night. However, the main charm lies during the afternoon to evening period, as the sun sets over the bar. Speaking of the bar, it is well stocked with over 10 beer brands, all kinds of Single Malt, Scotch, Bourbon and a smattering of other drinks. With some delicious cocktails and mocktails, and you've got a memorable experience that you'll keep coming back to.

If you're interested in catching the sun go down over a couple of drinks, you would be delighted to know that there's a sizeable terrace area. In fact, this area is also where they have occasional live performances. The terrace makes for incredible seating even during lunch hours in the winters.

Knock Knock

Dante is bringing some offers to make your time here memorable as well as rewarding. Here, you can avail of 2+2 on beers, 1+1 on Kebab platters, get 20% off on your total bill or get 2 whiskeys aged at 12 years for just Rs 550.

Address: Comfort Inn, Gomti Nagar, Rooftop, Vibhuti Khand

For reservations, contact +91 81267 58551 or +91 73792 22275

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