Dark Platter in Lucknow is 'a ray of light' for the handicapped cloud kitchen food industry!

Dark Platter in Lucknow is 'a ray of light' for the handicapped cloud kitchen food industry!

Lucknow's Badshahnagar houses the first Dark Platter smart kitchen unit.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has reduced food and hospitality businesses to skeletally function, forcing many businesses to even shut down. This is where a new venture, Dark Platter comes as a saviour. Dark Platter by ImperiumX Francorp, is a new-age initiative that provides a platform to food businesses and active investors, and makes them stronger by not charging any fix expenditure like rentals, aggregator commissions, etc.

Dark Platter: An overall saviour

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Dark Platter has been engineered to act as an asset-light model based on dark kitchens that extends the freedom to food brands, to not only expand to newer locations but to do so without the hassles of high rentals, electricity or aggregator commissions, while assisting an easy entry into the online delivery industry! This prototype simplifies logistics and operations of working, helping businesses to acquire a broadened customer base with a wider reach. The assets of this venture also extend the liberty of experimentation and innovations to clients, at unbelievably low cost. Dark Platter has been programmed to maximise profits and cost savings by facilitating the availability of staff and market support at every smart kitchen unit associated with them.

The food tech solution has established its first smart kitchen unit in Lucknow's Badshanagar and encompasses some of the most popular food brands in the city such as Nainital Momos, Camcook, Rollarappaa, Meal'oo, Roll Raja and Nutrish Hub. This is a fail-proof method of safeguarding food businesses from economical bleeds by paving gateways for investors and assured rental income for property owners.

A flexible food solution for new-comers!

This food tech solution is fairly flexible and is not only limited to food brands but also emerges as a smart investment opportunity for active as well as aspiring investors who want to enter the industry. 'The Dark Platter investor platform is uniquely crafted for those individuals who want to create a legacy and this is the best time to do so as most of the competition is weeded out. The business model, for both investors and brands, is flexible and engineered for flourishment as it offers several options for both parties suiting their styles.'

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