With a theme of self-love, Day 1 of Amiphoria 2020 was a big hit & here's what to expect out of Day 2 & 3

All year long, Amitians and other college students from all over Lucknow, wait impatiently for Amiphoria to start and with a string of successful years of events behind, this college fest is nothing short of a party with the cool kids of the town! Amiphoria 2020 is based on Jashn-e-Zindagi and the power-packed events and activities of day 1 reminded us yet again that zindagi badi nahi, lambi honi chahiye.

With a number of really interesting events under its belt, this year's Amiphoria is set to be grander and better than its predecessors, setting milestones for any future events. So here's why we absolutely loooveeddd being a part of the first day of this fiesta and here's all you need to know about day 2 and 3.

What's Happening?

Amiphoria 2020 is spread over 3 days, from the 5th till the 7th of February and it was day 1 yesterday, which rightfully fulfilled its promises of a kick-ass start to the fest. The vibe was fun and energetic, with Amitians and other university students all decked up in their ethnic best under the balmy spring skies and with blaring tunes from every corner of the campus, the first day was lit.

The event was flagged off with a carnival and a flash mob, after which various programs were held and Amity saw a raging footfall like never-before.There were culinary events, quizzes on various genres, competitions pertaining to different departments and amidst all the rush, people were hudding at the colourful selfie corners to take back happy memories.

Amity has also brought in various food and beverage biggies of the city, like, The Art of Chaap, Sippers, Trinkster, Keventers, Woodfired Pizza, Nosh by Bowls and Boxes, Cabana, amidst others. So we can safely say, your rumbling tummies will be greeted with only the best of grubs here at Amiphoria.

For the second and the third day, Amity is organizing photography and movie making competitions, literary quizzes, games like Treasure Hunt and Tu Banega Roadie, to name a few among the lot of programs which have been planned out. And to end it all on a high-note, the third day will have a DJ night, spearheaded by Lucknow's very own, DJ Ravetek and if you still haven't registered for this fiesta, you're surely missing out on a lot of wild fun!

The event provides students and young ambitious individuals with a platform that will help them with their career and future goals and with all the practical exposure available here, you're gonna be flooded with insights and know-hows pertaining to your field.

Knock Knock

All in all, Amiphoria 2020 is truly synonymous with the mantra of self-love and this vibrant festival has something for everyone's preferences and mood. With a redefined perspective of seeing life as a celebration, Amiphoria is giving you all the reason to step out and when here, you'll realise why Amity has always been tagged as one of the most happening universities in Lucknow. Come and experience the grandeur yourself, out of your digital screens.

For more details: www.fb.com/AmityUniversityLucknowCampus

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