Dayal Paradise is Christmas-ready with a lavish dinner deal & a delightful dessert menu

Dayal Paradise is Christmas-ready with a lavish dinner deal & a delightful dessert menu

Did you make your holiday plans yet?

When we think of Christmas, the vivid images of baked goodies pop up on their own and it's almost as if we can smell and taste the treats. Sigh, what are festivities without gaining a few pounds anyway?! So if you're looking to stock up your fridge and shelves with Christmas-special desserts so that your house can smell like Willy Wonka's factory, then head out to the Melting Point bakery. But if you're looking forward to a lavish Christmas dinner with your loved ones, amidst an open setting and at pocket-friendly rates, then Jannat is gonna be your saviour!

Christmas spirit & cheer baked into goodies

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This cutesy bakery cum cafe, seated at the Dayal Paradise compound, is ushering in the Yuletide spirits with a classic Christmas decor and of course, they're kicking things up a notch with a plethora of holiday treats. They've whipped up a delicious Christmas-time menu which would put a Cheshire smile even on the Grinch's face and you'll have to be here, if you want to soak up on the ultimate feel-good vibes.

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Melting Point's offerings this season include Plum Cakes infused with rum, awwwdorable Gingerbread Cookies with Royal Icing, pillowy spirals of Cinnamon Rolls and of course, they are dishing out Bûche De Noël too, which is basically a Yule Log Cake soaked in liquor. To further make your mouth watery and tummy rumbly, Melting Point has also introduced a Sticky Date Pudding, topped with a caramelly Toffee Sauce, which is simply a work of art and we're hardcore art-enthusiasts when it comes to this!

One of the highlights of their menu this season is the Hot Chocolate with puffed-up marshmallows, which takes us right back to the good ol' Christmassy days of monkey cap fashion and 7 PM curfew. This cup of comfort is simply a gooey-chocolatyyy bliss and each sip goes down like a warm hug on a wintery night.

With a delicious array of baked delights, Melting Point is making sure that we're prepped for Christmas and these items are also the best gifting option, especially during this time of the year, in case you're visiting your relatives or friends! This bakery also has a drive-through facility, if by chance you want to pick up a few favourites while on the go.

Wrap up your night with a Christmas Dinner at Jannat

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If you've been searching for places where you can sit back and relax with your sweetheart, family or friends while wolfing down a variety of good grubs, then take the route towards Jannat from the bakery. This is a rooftop restaurant, located at Dayal Paradise itself and to celebrate the true essence of this festivity, they've come up with a Christmas Dinner deal, which has our attention!

For just ₹999, you can avail a bottomless meal and there is also a BOGO offer on drinks, included in the package. Although you can order the first drink according to your choice, the second one will be on the house, as per their taste. There'll also be a live band belting out hits while you chill and we see no reason for you to skip out on this proffer.

So what we're saying is-

Christmas is nearing each day and it is prompting us to seek out the best deals in town for a night to remember! Now that this deal is here, the only thing you've gotta worry about now, is what you're gonna be wearing for the day.

Location: Hotel Dayal Paradise, Vipul Khand 5, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: +91 8795296666, 8795838030

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