7 fancy dishes you can try at home using DaySpring breads

7 fancy dishes you can try at home using DaySpring breads

Head out to the DaySpring's website for more such easy-to-make recipes

Tea lovers will understand when we say that there are only a few things in life that can bring as much joy as a cup of a good brew and a side of bread. And yes, we too agree that the classic slice of bread is great but here's the thing, would it not be better if there was a way you transform it into the ultimate supper-time side snack?

Well, if you agree with us and want to be surprised with some recipes that can easily be prepared at home using DaySpring breads, bookmark this list right away! Check out the list below and try them all:

Crispy Pinwheel Sandwich

The Crispy Pinwheel Sandwich is an exotic rendition of a snack, that can be simply made in less than half an hour, using the DaySpring Brown Bread and basic ingredients that are always available in the kitchen. This savoury snack is for all the bread lovers out there who don't like to eat fried food, but still wish to relish the crisp crumble of toasted and baked bread. You can check the full recipe here!

Bread Ke Sholay

The Bread Ke Sholay is a deep-fried bread pastry that you can opt for the days you're craving something filling. The best part about this dish is that you can use any of the different types of bread by DaySpring to make this fun snack and in fact, choose the filling of your choice to make it all the more delicious. Check out the recipe here and modify it as you will while you make it!

Basil Pesto Bread Spread

A simple spread snack that literally takes about 10 minutes to make, this finger food will always leave you wanting more. The Basil Pesto spread is super easy to make, it's light and absolutely addicting! Take our word and keep an entire loaf of the DaySpring Brown Bread by your side for there's literally no way you'd stop after a slice or two! Click here for the recipe.

Pizza Pockets

Who doesn't like a pizza and now, the same thing goes for the pizza bread pockets with this DaySpring recipe. Make it in Brown bread, multigrain or premium bakery style bread - the dish is absolutely wonderfully cheesy each time. And not just the base, you can have a little more than fun with the topping too! Throw in whatever makes you drool in this pocket and trust us the DaySpring quality to bring it all together!

Sesame Gold Coins

If you're a fan of the DaySpring Multigrain Bread, the Sesame Gold Coins are for you! This dish can easily pass for a flavourful savoury cookie that goes well with tea or by itself. You can also have it with a side of ketchup, green chutney, or mustard and honestly, that's the kind of variety we like to have in life too!

Spinach and Corn Sandwich

If you've long been waiting for a dish that makes you fall in love with your greens, this is it! The cheesy DaySpring delight will make sure you don't run away from the thought of Spinach, for sure. But that's not even the best part about this dish, it is rather the fact that you can literally whip it in just 15 minutes each time you feel like having something gourmet and healthy!

Bread Sushi

To all the Sushi lovers out there, if you're looking for your favourite dish on a budget - try this out! You'll need about 2 slices of the DaySpring bread for this, so what are you waiting for? Take out your sushi mats and get set rolling and 'make' your supper time special!

With a cup of tea in hand, anything is possible!

We don't know about you but our stomach is really rumbling at the sight of these snacks. So pardon us, while we head straight to the kitchen to whip us something new today and hey, you can join this Master-Chef session too!

You can also head out to the DaySpring website here and scroll through their array of 40 great quick meals, that are not only easy to make but also a hundred per cent drool-worthy.

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