Make your way to Krishn Bhog, the newest 'sweet spot' in Lucknow's Vikas Nagar!

Indulge in the goodness of sweets, fresh bakery items and lip-smacking fast food delicacies!

If you are someone who believes that the secret of having a good day is whisked under the sweetness of a brilliant desert, then we have some 'sweet' news for you! Lucknow's Vikas Nagar now houses the city's newest mithaai shop, Krishn Bhog, which caters to all our dessert cravings in the most delicious ways possible. So this Diwali, treat your taste buds to the best of sweetmeats available in town and if you're looking for gifting options, this is where you'll find them!

Sweetness now has a new address!

Pamper your palate with an assorted range of sweetmeats available at Lucknow's Krishn Bhog, which has now become a source of the most exquisite Indian deserts and fancy bakery items as well! The expansive menu of this place horizons over every desert that you have been craving for; be it kaju barfi, gulab-jamun, imarti and rabdi or simply, some freshly baked treats.

Apart from their sweet offerings, which are to die for, they have also included a whole section of fast food that will make you want to nibble on them, all the while that you'll be here. This new eatery is everything you ever imagined and more!

The interiors of this sprawling shop is washed in cool tones and it also doubles up as a banquet hall. From the mellow lighting of the inverted lampshades to the blended contemporary wooden and glass set-up, this place is bound to settle in your heart. So if you've been looking for a place to hangout with your pals over a good spread or are in search of a spot to celebrate any event or festivity, do consider Krishn Bhog as an option. We can assure you, once you step in, you won't want to head out at all.

If you are someone who prefers freshly baked loaves of breads and buns on your breakfast table, then this will be your go-to place in just about a month's time. Krishn Bhog is in the process of setting up its custom select of breads and confectionery goods, which will be made available to the people, soon enough. But you can head out now to get your hands on the softest cakes and pastries which are for sale.

You don't need an excuse to be here!

So, if you have also yearned and dreamt of those soft gulaab-jamuns and spongy pastries, this place has to be your next stop. Visit with friends, set-up a good date, bag treats for Diwali or just shamelessly head out for a self-pampering session because the one thing we know for sure, is that the offerings of this shop will leave you smiling!

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