Dedicated e-bus stands to be established for e-buses in Lucknow

Dedicated e-bus stands to be established for e-buses in Lucknow

Earlier in August, 42 new electric buses were launched in Lucknow.

Lucknow will soon be dotted with modern bus stands, specifically dedicated to the operations of e-buses in the metropolis. Moreover, new rules will be set up for the functioning of e-buses in Lucknow, to organize traffic and strengthen the city's transportation system. The Divisional Commissioner of the city, Dr. Roshan Jacob has given instructions for the establishment of these bus stops in different spots of the city.

Buses to function in a new strategic pattern

Reportedly, the functioning pattern of the e-buses has been adopted from that of the metro train network. The buses will operate at fixed intervals of 10-10 minutes and will allow people to travel from one stop to another conveniently.

The Divisional Commissioner informed that charging points will be made available for electric vehicles in the regions including Dubagga Depot, Rajajipuram, Viram Khand, Ram Ram Bank Square, Shaheed Path and other places across the city.

Additional scope of convenience facilities for the public

She further stated that 128 CNG buses are functional outside the city that connect the suburban regions to the central part of the town. Thousands of people commute through these buses on daily basis. It is being considered to extend the scope of electric buses outside the city to provide additional convenience to the public.

The availability of buses on dedicated bus stands will increase reliability on the public transport system and will boost connectivity in the town and nearby regions.

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