Over the past few weeks, the city has been buzzing with excitement over the ongoing Defence Expo 2020. The largest defence expo in India ever is happening right here and today, the public of Lucknow can get their last look at some of the latest in military technology.

Sunday is the last day for the Defence Expo 2020. The expo was thrown open for the general public of Lucknow on 8th February and if you want to take in something new, then this is where you've got to be. We took an early look at the expo and here's what you can expect.

The latest in Military Technology

The essential goal of the Defence Expo is to educate people about all the new tech in the Military world. For us, the general public, this is a great opportunity to see how different the implementations of technology can be. Each of the companies coming here have something interesting to offer. Be it guns that shoot around a corner, or a software that manages weapons and aircrafts, the Defence Expo showcases it all to you guys.

A magnificent spectacle

If you're planning a trip, we would suggest you get there as early as possible, so as to catch all the live performances and demos. The military folks have prepared a bunch of riveting shows for you. Airshows, tanks in action, a display of a soldier's capabilities and many more are just some of the things that you guys can experience here.


A trip to the exhibition halls showcases the latest in military robot tech. They are highly technologically advanced and remote controlled, which is why they make for a rather unique sight. From tiny drones all the way to mega IED identifying arms, everything is on display here.

The best of Mechanized Infantry

If you want to check out all those mega guns, then you've got to head over to the Mech Infantry halls. Here, you can see for yourself the mega artillery that is used to literally blow a hole in the enemy's ground. These machines are the pinnacle of technology and you get a chance to see them right here at the Defence Expo.

Air shows and Marching bands!

The main attractions include a Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile System and the F-21 Fighter Jet brought in by American aerospace giant, Lockheed Martin. There will also be live demonstrations of these jets, helicopter evacuation techniques, QRTs in action and a lot more. Additionally, you can also catch some regimental marching bands, which certainly makes for a one of a kind spectacle.

Authorities have set up an area over 200 acres for visitors to explore and see military technology. Apart from that, the reasons to visit the Defence Expo are plenty and honestly, there's no way you should miss it. So go ahead and awaken the curiosity in you and learn something new.

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