Dengue menace in Lucknow intensifies as 40 fresh cases emerge on Thursday

Dengue menace in Lucknow intensifies as 40 fresh cases emerge on Thursday

Lucknow High Court has taken note of the rising dengue cases in Lucknow and has directed the health department to take mitigation measures.

The dengue onslaught has intensified in Lucknow, with 40 new cases recorded in just the past 24 hours. The dengue spread has wreaked havoc in the city and many public hospitals are running at full capacity. The Dengue situation is causing a stir and panic, not to mention distress also, among the locals.

Maximum number of cases have been reported in the Chander Nagar (9) area of Lucknow. Other cases have surfaced in Aliganj (4), N.K. Road (4), Turiyaganj (3), Indira Nagar (3), Chinhat (3), Red Cross (3), Silver Jubilee (3), Sarojini Nagar (3), Mohanlalganj (3) and Malihabad (2) areas.

Lucknow high court issues directive to health department

Referring to the escalated spread of dengue cases, the Lucknow High Court has taken serious note of the situation. Instructions have also been passed to LMC, the health department and other local authorities to take necessary steps for the mitigation and prevention of vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and viral fever in the city.

Moreover, the court has also directed the health officials of Lucknow to arrange adequate medical facilities for patients suffering from such diseases.

Malaria control units of health department have been deployed

Owing to the situation, the health department teams have conducted a door-to-door survey of mosquito-breeding conditions in around 2,225 houses of Lucknow this week. The team found mosquito larvae in 8 houses regarding which notices have also been issued to the house owners.

Furthermore, malaria control units of the health department are raising awareness regarding preventive measures among the locals. The units are further conducting anti-larvae spray in different areas of the city and hospital campuses.

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