Dhaba vibes and London-style delights await you at The Punjab in Lucknow!

Dhaba vibes and London-style delights await you at The Punjab in Lucknow!

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Nestled in Ashiyana, The Punjab – Barbeque & Grill, with its rustic dhaba-style charm and finger-licking good North Indian delights, has become a sensation for all the right reasons. Whether you're yearning for the authenticity of traditional recipes or a fusion twist, this eatery promises an unforgettable experience with a huge variety!

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#1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Well, who doesn't know that Chicken Tikka Masala has officially been termed as the national dish of the UK!

This flavourful Indian delight was tailored to suit the tastes of Londoners and remains a standout on The Punjab's menu. Dining here promises a genuine fusion experience, reminiscent of the authentic Chicken Tikka Masala found on London's streets!

#2. Dal Makhani

When indulging in Punjabi cuisine, no meal is truly complete without including Dal Makhani on your plate. The Punjab serves a butter-loaded, finger licking good, Dal Makhani that can make anyone drool. Simply pair it with naan or jeera rice to experience a flavourful euphoria.

#3. Butter Chicken

The aroma, richness, and tender chicken pieces in the Butter Chicken recipe, make this dish nothing less than a gourmet delight.

Moreover, with the winter season lingering a bit longer in Lucknow, a visit to The Punjab for this perfectly suited dish will envelop you in a warm hug of tantalizing flavours.

#4. Chicken Barra

For those who crave smoky tandoori delights, The Punjab in Ashiyana, offers its fabulous Chicken Barra gravy, another super-rich non-veg favourite.

Originating from Delhi, this Mughlai dish is expertly prepared by The Punjab's chefs, ensuring it's delightfully creamy and bursting with flavour, thanks to their use of special Mughlai spices.

This one pairs perfectly with butter naan or even a simple tawa roti topped with a dollop of ghee on top.

#5. Bhatti Da Murg

The chefs at The Punjab are far from ordinary; the founder himself has honed his skills at renowned establishments in London and Sydney, making him a master of culinary arts. They specialize in crafting perfect and authentically prepared North Indian dishes.

Another standout chicken recipe is their garlicky and smoky Bhatti Da Murg. Prepared in a bhatti (tandoor), this dish can transport you straight to the streets of Punjab and is perfect as a starter or side dish.

#6. Asian Style Garlic Fish

Akash Mehrotra

In addition to their North Indian and fusion Punjabi offerings, Chef Dupinder Singh, the founder of The Punjab restaurant, has also introduced his favourite continental dishes to the menu, offering Lucknowites a taste of something extraordinary.

Among the selection of continental items at The Punjab restaurant, their Asian Style Garlic Fish is a must-try! Imagine juicy and tender fish, perfectly prepared with a marinade of garlic flavors and Asian spices—enough to make any seafood lover drool. This dish also pairs perfectly as a starter before delving into their Punjabi main course!

#7. Kunna Chicken

This particular recipe holds a special place in the restaurant's menu, being a rare variety not commonly found in other Lucknow food joints. The authentic recipe dates back to pre-partition Punjab and has been passed down through generations in North Indian families.

Savour the peppery, aromatic, super Indian and wholesome Kunna Chicken gravy at The Punjab. Loaded with curry, this dish pairs well with both rice and various breads.

Furthermore, for vegetarians, there's the option to try their Kunna Paneer, prepared with the same spice mix to dazzle your taste buds with flavour!

#8. Amritsari Fish Fry

Akash Mehrotra

This dish isn't just food; it's an experience that has enchanted taste buds worldwide. This revered street food delight, particularly famous on the bustling streets of Amritsar, stands unparalleled in the realm of appetizers.

Bursting with the spices mix and herbs used in Punjab, each mouthful of Amritsari fish fry is a journey of culinary bliss.

If you haven't yet tried this masterpiece yet, you're in for a treat when at The Punjab restaurant; Trust us it'll legit leave you craving more!

#9. Keema in Kulcha

Discovering a flawlessly crafted keema stuffed kulcha is a rare find in town. The Punjab specialised in serving fluffy and rich kulcha stuffed with perfectly seasoned chicken keema that'll have you dazzled with flavours.

Served alongside a spicy gravy, their keema kulcha is an impeccable North Indian delight.

Free goodies on orders above ₹1500!

This spot emerged just a year and a half ago, yet it's already captivating foodies from all corners of town and how! Whether it is for those sudden hunger pangs or a pre-planned family lunch/dinner, The Punjab, fits the bill.

Feeling too weary to venture out? Simply order from The Punjab restaurant's website and have the delectable flavours delivered right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the city. Plus, there's an added bonus: snag an authentic t-shirt from Duke brand with dine-in or online orders totaling above ₹1500.

Where: The Punjab – Barbeque & Grill, Sector G, LDA Colony, Power House Chauraha, Ashiyana

Order Online: https://thepunjab.co.in/

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