Dial 112 service to get a boost with the addition of more patrolling vehicles

Dial 112 service to get a boost with the addition of more patrolling vehicles

A modern call tracing system will also be put to use that will provide real-time location of the callers with an approx. 50 metres accuracy.

The 'Dial 112' service in UP aims to bridge the gap between citizens and police, by making the process of filing complaints hassle-free. The service ensures quick resolution of disputes with the help of police intervention. Now, in a bid to reduce the response time further and expand reach in more areas, 2000 new patroling vehicles will be added to fleet of UP 112 police service.

Moreover, new additions like advanced call tracing facility and the availability of body cameras for 112 Police Response Vehicle (PRV) officials will also aid in prompt and fair service.

More about the upcoming tech upgrades

Reportedly, with the availability of the cutting-edge call tracing facility, officials at the 112 command centre will be able to access the real-time location of the callers with an accuracy of approximately 50 metres. This will allow the police officials to locate the distressed individuals without the availability of the exact address or location.

Furthermore, special body cameras will be made available for the PRV officials for security and surveillance purposes.

Progress so far?

Presently, there are around 3,200 four-wheelers and 1,600 two-wheelers in UP 112's fleet. These vehicles are stationed in different localities of the urban areas and usually take around 10 minutes to reach the distressed callers.

The expansion plan constituting the provisions for the addition of new vehicles and tech advancements has already been approved by the state government and the arrangements for its implementation are underway.

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