Dine, Dance & De-stress: THIS club is bringing the silent disco culture to Lucknow & we're thrilled!

Dine, Dance & De-stress: THIS club is bringing the silent disco culture to Lucknow & we're thrilled!

Along with poolside dining, gym, game zone & more, Dancing Donalds is inviting you to join in a 'silent disco' like never before!

Lucknow, where's our dance squad?! In an affair that turns eyes around, a brand new club is ushering in the 'silent disco' culture to the city and we can't keep calm!

Adorned with poolside dining, a dedicated gym, a game zone and so much more, Dancing Donalds is the freshest club in town that you must check out! For the foodies, a special Rajasthani cuisine and a themed area await, with a lit ambience to put you right in the mood!

Get a hands-on experience of the lively atmosphere, fun activities & more

It's not only perfect for the entire family (owing to carefully-crafted packages), but the club also has plans to level up our dining and party scenes on special occasions. The yearly package, at ₹50,000, applies to 2 adults in the family and 2 children (under 10 years of age), and allows access to the play zone (for kids of ages 1-18), gymnasium and with 50% discount on à la carte dine-in!

Here's the chance to lose yourself in a trance, gorge on a hearty Rajasthani feast, dance your hearts out and without even creating a sound! Don't believe it? Join in the club's fun activities and get a hands-on experience of the lively atmosphere.


P.S. Dancing Donalds is hosting a charming candlelight dinner for couples on February 14. This Valentine's Day, book your calendars for delectable food and drinks, pretty poolside views, and lots of groovy, silent dancing!

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Location: Antas Mall, Lucknow

Gate number 7, Antas Mall, Rooftop, opposite Janeshwar Mishra Park, Vardhan Khand, Sector 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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