Discover a 'secret beach' near Lucknow on your next weekend getaway!

Discover a 'secret beach' near Lucknow on your next weekend getaway!

There's more than just wildlife sanctuaries and parks in Uttar Pradesh

For many, a trip to Pilibhit is synonymous with a trek through the tiger reserve but there's more than meets the eye here. Coined to be the heart of Uttar Pradesh's wildlife and natural bounties, Pilibhit located 263 km from Lucknow is endowed with beauty that is untamed and raw safeguarding a secret beach, tucked away within lush forests!

So if you've got the curious heart of a traveller to unravel the mystery of the mystic here, this secret beach near Lucknow is perfect for your next weekend getaway!

A geographical anomaly in UP! 

A beach in Uttar Pradesh sounds geographically inaccurate and impossible, but not for Pilibhit. Perched on the banks of the Sharda Sagar Dam lies an anomaly of a site called the Chuka Beach that may seem to as a forest illusion to those exploring the forest (but it is not)!

Of course, given the continental interiors of Pilibhit, this place is not natural but can be counted as the most naturally developed manmade attraction of the region. And much to the surprise of visitors till date, the secret Chuka Beach was developed without any financial aid by the government. Rather, it was created by IFS officer Ramesh Pandey who pulled in local villagers, gram sabhas and colleagues to create this place, that was formally opened to the public in 2014.

How to reach the Chuka Beach?

To reach the Chuka Beach, you need to get ready in your trail gear and traverse a 2-km stretch through the dense forests. This green-sheen lake is the proverbial pool of serenity, just the kind of place to reveal the wilderness and bounties, before you.

The secret place thus is quite preferred by those who are into bird-watching and bird photography. Nevertheless, the beauty of the lake appeals to all, the camera-fiddlers or those looking for a lazy weekend away from the city-bustle.

Naturally, the stunning location has tourists hooked who have no option but to stay back! And as far as accomodations go, explorers have several options to choose from. Be it a treehouse of a guest room, The Forest Department has made provision of plenty of overnight chambers here, that one can easily book online. The department also runs a cosy canteen in the area that takes care of your hunger pangs and snacks-cravings.

Pro Tip: Before you get going on the forestry trail, pre-book a visit to the Chuka Eco Tourism Centre at Mustafabad in Pilibhit.

Knock Knock 

The summer vacation is upon us and if you fall into the category of those busy-bees who were not able to plan a trip for the holidays, this weekend getaway plan is a sure blockbuster for you! So make the most out of this guide and get your friends and fam packing their suitcases for fun times ahead!

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