Discover the allure of lavish poolside dining at Aquafire by Club Momentz

Discover the allure of lavish poolside dining at Aquafire by Club Momentz

May 31 onwards, you can simply drop by for lunch or dinner buffet at this sterling open-air grill in Gomti Nagar.

Nothing can really beat the enchantment of dining under a blanket of stars, as nature's celestial display becomes the ethereal backdrop for an extraordinary open-air restaurant experience. With their allure, they beckon us to indulge in any and every type of occasion – be it a romantic date, business meeting or a leisurely supper session with friends after a particularly intense workday.

Behold, Aquafire – Lucknow's first-ever Open Air Grill, crafted by the esteemed Club Momentz. Located in Gomti Nagar, this luxurious haven beckons as the ultimate summer sanctuary, boasting a charming poolside sitting area for an exquisite indulgence.

Awe-inspiring poolside setting for elegant dine-in sessions

Gone are the days of settling for ordinary rooftops, for the Aquafire Open Air Grill provides an opulent poolside area outside Club Moments. The Open Air Grill concept, which is unlike any other in town brings a new era of captivating ambience paired with enchanting gastronomical wonders.

Reputed for its excellence in food quality and authentic flavours, Club Momentz has set a new standard with Aquafire. And now it's time for you to embark on a delightful culinary journey of Awadhi flavours, grilled and barbeque snacks, a plethora of kebab and starter options, irresistible desserts and a scrumptious main course menu.

Discover a plethora of grilled and barbeque delights at Aquafire

Wanna treat the Lucknowite within you? Aquafire offers a tantalizing selection of both veg and non-veg kebabs, including the renowned galawati mutton kebab, boti kebab, malai corn kebab, hariyali kebab among others. Also, you can indulge in a feast of other lip-smacking grilled and barbeque snacks while you're here.

Furthermore, immerse yourself in a world of indulgence as Aquafire presents an exquisite collection of imported alcoholic beverages. Delight in the artistry of their mixologists, who masterfully craft cocktails and mocktails that stand apart from the rest, ensuring an unparalleled drinking experience like no other in town.

Adorned with lush shrubbery and boasting a lavish and comfortable outdoor seating area, Aquafire ensures your dining experience remains unaffected by the summer heat. With fully equipped misting systems further creating an enchanting ambience, the place allows you to dine in blissful comfort, surrounded by a refreshing aura.

Knock Knock

Throwing open its doors from May 31 onwards, Aquafire Open Air Grill invites you to embark on a mesmerizing evening experience. Starting from the inaugural date you can simply drop by for lunch or dinner buffet at this sterling open air grill in Gomti Nagar.

Indulge in a delectable lunch buffet for just ₹750 per head (non-veg) or ₹700 (veg) for unlimited snacks and main course meals. As an added treat, savour two complimentary mocktail drinks of your choice.

Or instead, if you yearn for a sumptuous dinner, then you can choose to delight in a lavish feast – for unlimited veg snacks and main course meals at ₹999. Alternatively, sink your teeth in the tantalizing flavours of non-vegetarian snacks and main course meal for ₹1100.

With the dinner deal, the humble folks at Aquafire Open Air Grill are graciously offering two complimentary alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, completing your dining experience with a touch of indulgence.

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